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Wikipedia is a haven for unhinged people like this guy to thrive and get repeatedly banned from. There are other notorious sockpuppeteers on the site who have lengthy cases against them. Unlike Ryulong, this fucker has had a lengthy sockpuppet investigation case against him on the site since at least 2010, so it's been several years that he's been doing this kind of shit.

His first sock account listed on that page was one called Ralfrye and he'd make edits like this to the Race and Intelligence page.

His ED page is filled with great material to talk about.

Just look at that stare. You can already tell that this is a deranged lunatic we're dealing with and the best part of all is that he's still active and there's a shitload of material I found from last year with some of the posts that he's left on various forums.


He's so much of a failure of a person that he was banned from Metapedia, a website where he was a sysop on.


I decided to look into what flame war that they're talking about and this is what entailed.


I have no idea who Atlantid is but a quick Google search lead me to RationalWiki of all places and it seems like both of these clowns were causing trouble there too and both of them are fucked up people:


Human Phenotypes was a racialist website that was deleted by the owner himself, but it really shows how genuine this guy's beliefs are that he would go to this extent to try to rile people up.

From the same talk page, there's even more details about this guy and another forum he got banned from:


This was the forum he got banned from and the page was archived a year ago but still relevant to the topic because of what he did and how people reacted then:

He was trying to harass a girl for sex on the forum as you can see from this post:


He was also banned from Stumble Inn for this post about gang raping someone:

He tried to do some catfishing which also backfired on him:

ED has much more extensive information about the guy's past, but I wanted to bring attention to a Twitter page under his name and some other posts that he's made within the last year that show that he's still quite active.

I can't tell if this is someone trying to ridicule him or if it's the actual guy, but good to throw this out there just in case.

This is the kind of shit you'll find if you scroll down.


He did some more Mizzou sperging in the following cap:


Too much for RationalWiki to handle:


These are some of his posts and threads he made from last year as well on some other forums.

This thread from September 2015:


Infamous enough to get mentioned on Reddit too:

That's about it for what I have right now on the guy. He already sounds like someone that would search for his own name and try to find mentions of himself so he can try to cause trouble and get himself banned here if he ever found this thread.
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LOL, about time this loser got a thread.

He's a compulsive drama whore and shameless Googler of his own name, so I'm sure he'll find us soon enough, and he'll likely sockpuppet the shit out of us if he gets banned.
As a matter of fact, the thread already shows up right on the first page if you type mikemikev in, so I have a strong feeling he will find out soon.


From the search, I found some more posts from his Stormfront account.


Shocked Mormon of Color, pronouns are fuck/you

At least TsimFuckis you could feel bad for due to the Progeria.

Jesus christ. This guy's shitposting makes 4chan look like amateur hour. What a fucking nutjob.

It makes 4chan look like the goddamn Lincoln-Douglas Debate.
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All right this is like the fourth or fifth sperg that's dedicated hundreds of sockpuppets just to ban evade on Wikipedia. What could possibly be so compelling about editing wiki pages?

My limited run-ins with batshit triggers and NASA conspiracy theorists tells me it has to do with people trying to validate their own reality by spreading it out in the world. Wikipedia is just the most aggressive way to do it with the least amount of effort involved.

It's literally people gator-wrestling with the fact that the world is arbitrary and their opinions arent inherently accepted, etc.

Oliver D Smith

Person of Interest

I'm briefly mentioned in the first post. I was a victim of Mikemikev's (Michael Coombs) harassment and trolling for two years.

At the start of December, 2015 I managed to find his parents on facebook and forwarded evidence of his internet postings and abuse including his obscene sexual comments (including his ban on the Anthroscape forum where he was pestering a girl for sex), posting of graphic pictures (such as dead babies on forums), Holocaust denial, extreme racism etc. On top of this he was impersonating people online via creating sockpuppets, but then joining forums to blame those onto innocent people (including myself), as well as just vandalising wikis with hundreds of socks for the sake of trolling.

Since I contacted his parents (about two months back) by leaving them a message alongside his brother, there is no sign of Michael on the internet and he has presumably stopped doing what he was doing. I noticed his mom has even removed Michael from her family/friends on her facebook account. They probably are ashamed of him and told him to get off the internet.

Btw, his parents have been in national newspapers, so it wasn't hard to find them-

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