Military Plane discussion thread - Let’s talk Fighter/Attacker planes.

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The local division of the Confederate Air Force was practicing flyovers today ahead of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. I saw several flights of vintage warbirds over the course of the day, but my phone is so slow to swap to video/camera mode that I couldn't get any footage.

The first flight was a tight formation of about six or seven AT-6 Texans arrayed in echelon on either side of a B-25, with a lone Texan hanging back in a chase position, presumably to get good film footage and photos of the formation. They were at a lower altitude, maybe 1000 meters at a guess, and not appearing to move that fast, maybe 300 kph?

A minute later, there was a "vic" of three identical fighters with another Texan chase plane trailing behind. Same altitude and roughly same heading as the earlier flight, but moving much faster and further away from me, so I saw them in side profile and couldn't positively identify them from that angle. Definitely looked like liquid cooled engines, since the nose profile was so sleek. My brief look at the profile view made me think of a Spitfire, but I don't think any collector or group in the area has any Spitfire in flying condition, much less three Spitfires. I talked to someone who said that the local division of the CAF has Mustangs, so it was probably P-51 Mustangs. The CAF guys also have Corsairs and other radial engine fighters, but it definitely looked like a liquid cooled engine to me.

Later in the day, there was another flight of maybe 5-6 Texans practicing a kind of loose finger-four formation. I was distracted by something else at the time so I didn't get a good luck at them, but it was probably Texans, because any time the local CAF guys have more than 5 of the same plane in the air, it's probably Texans.

Except for the B-25, I couldn't see what kind of paint jobs any of the warbirds had, as the sun was positioned in such a way that all the planes looked black to me. The B-25 looked like it had red and yellow stripes on the twin tail, and I think the fuselage was bare aluminum rather than painted in any camo.

Maybe all prop planes sound the same from far away, but I almost missed seeing some of those flyovers since they all sounded the same as any civilian plane from a distance, just with more engines in the sky at one time.
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