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What is everyone's favorite era of military uniforms, and which nations had/have the best uniforms?

My personal favorite era are the Napoleonic Wars, and am divided between British, Russian, and French uniforms. Acceptably flashy, not too tacky, and dashing as all hell.




Germans had some pretty good uniforms as well, and sadly the American uniforms have always been crap.


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Shakos are kind of dumb though. What's the point of wearing such a cumbersome and flashy headgear if you have to put a black oilskin cover on it during combat/campaign.
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I am the Prom King, I seethe at everything
I have nostalgia for the old 80s/90s era camouflage patterns the US military used to use:
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Ehhh, I kinda dislike camo. It loses the flashiness that's integral to a uniform.

WW2 US military uniforms were very cool. Look at Grace Hopper in uniform. She looks competent and confident but still feminine.
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So do these ladies.
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Pinks and Greens are pretty piss poor compared to the German, Soviet, or Japanese uniforms.



And you don't think that was planned?

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Once heard a saying, "the fancier the uniform, the less able the military". Don't care for dress/dress-type uniforms with all sorts of badges and ribbons on them. Look at some US Army members' uniforms and you doubt if they have any place to put any more badges, etc. Like the SS uniforms. Not overloaded. Personally, at that time didn't need to put much on the dress uniform, just rank, name tag, U.S.'es, ribbons, and two badges max. In uniforms, less is indeed more. The more you wear on the uniform, the more stuff to put on properly and take off.