Millennials learning about WW2 is 'bad for mental health' - We dont know why we punch Nazis

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The second was Vietnam. We should have immediately worked with Ho Chi Minh, more as a Vietnamese nationalist instead of a Communist, and helped him as he set up a government, etc. We should have told the French to stay the fuck out. No? Okay, no more food/other aid for you. They would have caved. Believe this would have prevented many years of warfare in Vietnam, at least as we knew it. But hindsight is 20/20.
I heard, in the 80's, something that was basically heresy for a serving officer to say: That we came in on the wrong side. That Ho Chi Minh felt betrayed as fuck because rather than stick up for a Vietnamese nationalist who just wanted the French and USSR to fuck off and leave his people alone to build their country, we came in on the side of the French, who (as they always seem to do) were running child prostitution rings and drug running.

Yeah, he said it when he was really drunk, but it's not often a Captain says: "We fucked that shit up, we should have helped the fucking gooks kick the frogs back to their shitty country and told Europe to sit the fuck down and shut up." you kind of remember it.

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