Dramacow Milo Yiannopoulos / Milo Wagner / Milo Hanrahan / @nero - Gets banned from everywhere, Stole charity money and general supervillan antics


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How to Be Poor:

Base your entire income around the equivalent of Patreon, become a bad risk for your investors, and blow all your cash like you alone know that the sun is going to explode tomorrow. "Forget" to pay out on your promised philanthropic projects, but make sure to show off your fabulous brand-new sequined jacket to guys who delayed buying new workboots so they could donate to those projects. Cry about how everyone is mean to you just because you were a flaming asshole to those same people.

Then wonder why nobody wants to give you money anymore.


True & Honest Fan
Something hilarious about a Conservative Christian Homosexual finally admitting god hates him.
I think we can safely say that he would like you to think he is conservative or Christian, just like he wants you to think he's a talented writer or has good fashion sense (or IS MARRIED TO A BLACK MAN DID HE MENTION HIS HUSBAND IS BLACK???).


Poor Milo has been let down again by shady people.

"I regret to announce that my sponsor for the Oklahoma events has failed to produce the funds needed for the events, and left me in debt to designers, lawyers and admin staff. I couldn’t get a response out of him for days after three missed payment deadlines and today he confirmed he’s dropping out entirely! Ho hum. Sorry to the hundreds of fans who have been writing excitedly over the past few weeks. Doesn’t look like these speeches will happen now."

Facebook post

I've taken a screengrab but the forum won't let me upload if for some reason.

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