Careercow Milo Yiannopoulos / Milo Wagner / Milo Hanrahan / @nero - Gets banned from everywhere, Stole charity money and general supervillan antics

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So Milo isn't gay anymore.

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He's so straight now he wrote a book on it.

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He's currently calling himself a Christian Extremist.

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Gab has some sort of gay privacy feature where I can't see most of his 9.6k lonely posts on this shit platform.

His statement about coming out went to a small conservative Christian blog called LifeSite. It's quite a long interview.

Question 1
Milo has mommy issues, is definitely gay. Says being gay built his brand as a conservative.

Question 2
LifeSite asks him what caused this revelation. Milo has no real answer for this. Claims he keeps an "x days without sodomy". Apparently this is true.

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Question 4
LifeSite asks how this has impacted him personally. Milo gives an excruciatingly long answer detailing that he still lives with his gay lover, now demoted to 'housemate' (LOL). Claims that Jesus suffered more on the Cross than he does by avoiding 9 inch impalements. Says that he's done more good than sin and God will forgive him.

Question 6
LifeSite gives him the final word. Milo claims he wants to help rehabilitate the public image of ex-gay conversion therapy.

Truly, a dangerous faggot.

I hate these fucking people so much. You have a man whose identity, from the top down, is nothing but a spectacle and farce for cash. His entire world, every dollar he's ever earned, has come from conflating his gayness with conservativism.

I sympathize with people being silenced but I hope he realizes much of his loss in fandom comes from people being tired of him. He has one trick. He talks about dick. He talks about being gay. He can't stop himself from inserting it into fucking everything.
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Even now, his next career move is STILL based on him being GAY. He's ex-gay, but that's why people are talking about him. It is still an extension of his sexuality that defines his career.

And if there is a God, he is certainly punishing Milo for his hubris.

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He looks like a run down Justin Bieber now.

So 2021 Justin Bieber.

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My personal impressions after listening to what I have so far is that maybe's he's trying to embrace his faith, but he's still gay. He lives with his husband, which seems like that would be putting temptation in your face. He wants to open a gay conversion center, even though that nor therapy worked for him. He mentioned a 10 year window of giving back by opening the gay conversion center. Why would you put a limit on it if the center works for people? He mentioned wanting the center to have a place for him to give speeches and he asked for people to contact him if they had work for him. At this point I'm inclined to think that he had relationship problems, sought his faith to help him, and saw a way to make a comeback. Or at the very least by creating this center, he has a built in place to give speeches where they can't be cancelled because he would own the venue.
Conversion therapy has been made illegal in many places now. Unless he's running it in Africa while looking for more dicks to suck he can't possibly set a place up.

... may be a narcissist and a scam artist, but she has a very definite ideology she is pushing.

Milo's only ideology is Milo is awesome. :P
Her ideology is the same as Milos. A scammy Jew looking to line his/her pockets and get clout over others. There's no difference between the two, they even suck the same dicks.

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By that point, he'll be ancient by dating standards. Especially in gay dating. So unless hes sticking with his current partner(Which honestly, he might. Drama whores attract drama whores) he'll need to turn back fast, or else he wont have a black guy to use whenever anyone calls him racist.
Yeah, 10 weeks more like.

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Boy looks rode hard and put up wet. Whatever drugs he's doing, he should knock it off.

I just can't get over how retarded this maneuver is. If this is all he has left to get attention, goddamn that's pathetic.

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Honestly, it wouldn't shock me if he winds up dead from some drug overdose and then is basically never heard from again.
If he had died a few months ago in a motel room and no one was around to know (if they only tracked down a relative) then would even know? If Milo dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow, people would slowly stop talking about him outside of referencing his past nonsense and they'd say, "huh, wonder where he is? Probably in a drug fueled nigger orgy" and that would be it. No one would care enough to even dig in a couple of years. Maybe a couple of spergs but Milo isn't someone that people think about, he just pops up from time to time when he wants attention

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