Orbiter Miriam Yaniv / Miriam Altman - Jonathan Yaniv's mother - enabler, spends 24 hours "or more" every day with her son

Is Miriam Yaniv...

  • A victim of elder abuse by her psychopathic son?

    Votes: 169 29.8%
  • Experiencing a psychotic break or folie a deux?

    Votes: 187 33.0%
  • Going to register a KF account to tell us to stop being mean to her boychik?

    Votes: 150 26.5%
  • An incestuous pedo parent who taught Jonathan everything he knows?

    Votes: 239 42.2%
  • The mastermind behind the ballwaxing case and other vexatious litigation for $$$ purposes?

    Votes: 119 21.0%
  • Actually dead for years, with her animatronic-filled corpse hauled to council meetings/courtrooms?

    Votes: 122 21.5%
  • Terrified of Yitzhak seeing the way Jonathan has destroyed the Yaniv family name?

    Votes: 109 19.2%

  • Total voters

Choose carefully

Is this just Miriam doing what she thinks will make the most money or is she really onboard with it all and thinks she’s changing the world?
Miriam has made it very clear that she believes that The Voice is a righteous force that will change the world for the better.

I think it speaks volumes to her character that she still maintains this belief, even after discovering that what The Voice was actually saying was "Elmo loves to fuck" in a falsetto voice.