Miscellaneous Forum Changes

  • The site is having difficulties because our bandwidth is totally overextended. Our 1Gbps line is at 100% even when there aren't 8000 people on the site. We were supposed to get a second Gbps line months ago but I'm struggling to get technicians scheduled to set it up.
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Nov 14, 2012
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My intent with these changes are to make it clear to people who is capable of helping them with problems in a timely manner. I also want to expand the realms of single forum moderators so that they feel more useful and the areas of their interest are accessible to them.

Board Layout
  • Lolcow and Off-Topic have been split into their own categories. There may be some additional reorganization for the Lolcow board structure in the near future. Plans include:
    • Splitting out subforums into their own main forums.
    • Splitting up the ParkourDude91 forum.
    • Giving the ability to toggle categories so Chris-only users can hide it.

Member Groups

Founder Position
  • Honorary "Founder" role created.
    • Not publicly listed as staff.
    • Full Global Moderator abilities.
    • Full staff forum access.
  • @Smokedaddy changed from Administrator to Founder.
  • @Freecell changed from Administrator to Founder.
Global Moderators
  • Global moderators no longer have slightly different permissions assigned them them specifically. They can all do the same thing.
  • The biggest change with this is @DeagleDad420 , who was listed as a Global Moderator but apparently could only moderate the ParkourDude91 forums.

  • @Glaive is no longer a moderator of Sonichu.
  • @Alan Pardew and Judge Willow Giovanna are no longer moderators of the Moleman9000 forum.
  • @Henry Bemis and @He Sets Me On Fire has been elevated to moderator of the Chis category.
  • @Glaive and @Saney have been elevated to moderators of the Lolcow category, which is essentially the same as what they had before, but it will be more important in possible future board reorganizations.
  • @The Hunter and @Niachu have been elevated to moderators of the General category. Same as above.
  • @Luna is no longer a moderator of Spergatory.

  • I've eliminated the Janitor position.
  • The initial purpose of this role was to allow for cross-forum thread moving and merging, something that @CatParty was extremely well-suited for, as he is basically forum omnipresent. However, as time went on, it became a bit of a frustration that I had intentionally left out content management roles from the Janitor class. There's no real grey area between a Janitor and a Global Moderator; adding any sort of management powers to the job would have essentially duplicated that position. Since we're technically overstaffed and have 4 GMs at the moment, I feel it'd be better to drop the role entirely.
  • Removed the orange colors.

Stupid Stuff
  • Rating System
    • Creative, Friendly and Funny was merged into Like.
    • Useful was merged into Informative.
    • The heart has been recycled as "Feels".
    • In the honor of the forums' collective favorite past-time, supports+staff can give off-topic posts a "DRINK" rating.
  • Trophies
    • I've deleted a lot of stupid trophies, including the one for being gay. We all know being gay is a sin and a product of dubstep.
    • I've tweaked a few of the trophies to work more with the rating system.


Nov 14, 2012
Categories can now be collapsed. This is stored as a cookie on your browser and shouldn't go across computers, unless you have Chrome and it stores information on the cloud for you.

This preludes another change to come.
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