Plagued #MISSOU - Literally worse than #PARIS

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    We need a 3PL
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Mrs Paul

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Feb 3, 2013
Hunger strike is a tactic that only makes sense in the context of prison where you have literally no other way to protest.

Or if you're trying to like, protest something the occupation of a foreign government, like Gandhi did. Complaining about various students doing crap on social media? Not so much. You're ALWAYS going to have assholes. Unless they're doing it on an official school website, is there anything the school can really do about it? I would think it's out of their jurisdiction.


базара Нет!
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Nov 7, 2015
Other than making demands of administrators to hand write apologies and resign and using force to try to intimidate fellow students that are also members of the media have the concerned students put forward any ideas on how the university can stem this tide of horrors and ensure that random people that might not even go to the university don't yell 'nigger' from a truck and shitsikas aren't smeared on walls in the future?

What is their solution to stop the appearance shitsikas in the future?
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