"Mister Sister" is transphobic - gay bar under fire - troon feelings are hurt by faggotry

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The Burlington, Vermont area’s first dedicated gay bar in eleven years is set to open next week, but its questionable name has drawn sharp criticism.

The previous establishment, the Oak45 wine bar, is slated to reopen as Mister Sister. Owner Craig McGaughan says the name is meant to reflect the inclusivity he intends with the rebranding:

“It is a term that has been used among gays and drag queens for decades intended to be positively gender-bending,” McGaughan wrote. “Mister Sister is for the Misters and the Sisters, those that identify as both and everyone in between. The official description of Mister Sister is ‘a gay bar for him, her and them.’ I have been very intentional in using a pronoun that isn’t specifically male or female as a way to include anyone that identifies as part of the LGBTQ community.”

In his Facebook announcement, McGaughan stated that “the LGBT community in Vermont has been missing a place to call our own and through luck, a lot of support and hard work, we have the space to offer that.” He has since, however, taken to directing any concerns over the name to an unspecified elsewhere while deleting any unfavorable comments.

This is because the proposed name has encountered opposition among some members of the community.

Transgender man and Burlington resident Wiley Reading told the Burlington Free Press that he felt “‘mister sister’ is a transmisogynistic slur, and it is deeply uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile, the interim executive director of the Pride Center of Vermont, Josie Leavitt, also expressed reservations:

“Personally, I do find the name offensive,” Leavitt said. “I know Craig, and Craig is a good man. … His unwillingness to meet is what I’m finding to be the most troubling.”

This impasse led to the abrupt resignation of two other board members, Timber Adams and Bailey Cummings, late Tuesday. They faulted the Center for not taking a more active stance on the matter.

Troons bully gay men because they don't like the name of their bar. It's literally Hitler and murders 10000 troons per second. I guess this will increase the hate between the communities. It's not the first time members of the T chimp out over noting.

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"Sisters, those that identify as both and everyone in between."

I don't get it. Wouldn't they be comfortable with being called a Sister, as well as a Mister, if they really were both genders? This hooplah is over nothing. No one's telling the bar's participants what gender they are. It's just a name.


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“Personally, I do find the name offensive,” Leavitt said. “I know Craig, and Craig is a good man. … His unwillingness to meet is what I’m finding to be the most troubling.”
So, basically: "I know he's a good guy, I know he means no harm... but his unwillingness to drop everything and roll over on his back to please us and our insipid demands really offends me."?

Is this just a small, yet vocal group of troons that goes insane with megalomania once they get attention and power to declare things problematic and then run berserk with said power or is this a widespread issue?
Cause you hear such things so often and from so many different places, it almost seems like an inherent issue with the community overall.
Sure, if they don't feel included, they might vent their frustration... but to expect that they get pandered to like they were little children throwing a tantrum? That's bullshit. The very idea that people even take them seriously is almost too much.
How can the name "Mr. Sister" not be inclusive enough, especially when the slogan uses the genderneutral (and moronic) pronoun "they"?
I feel kinda sorry for the guy who opens the bar, he tried to be inclusive and this is how they thank him?
Gays and Lesbians have become the whipping boys/girls of the LGBT community anyway, since the T delcared them lower on the Oppression Olympics hierarchy.
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