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Lolcow MisterObvious / @animreborn / AwesomeRobloxiansRoblox machinima creator, also a pedophile on the website

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by linchan, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. https://www.roblox.com/users/32555/profile

    Mister obvious account on Roblox

    This video should cover most of what this guy has done. Unfortunately he had deleted many of his social media, but he is one of the more well known user on the website. He became one of the more prominent members of Roblox during one of the website's contest events, The Bloxxies, where users can create their own videos. The video below is what got him to win.

    He later won the contest again in 2014

    At 22 years old, he had been caught messaging 15 year old girls on Discord with inappropriate content, including sending a video of himself masturbating and numerous threats. From what I understand his youtube videos can be found here.

    He has shown to be mentally troubled, to put it lightly, from the fact he has claimed to be a girl and had blamed his prescriptions to be a cause of his behaviors.

    Again, many of the shit he has done will be covered in the video above.

    This is the only tweet by him on his account after he cleaned everything up.



    seems to be deleting shit
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    #1 linchan, Jun 18, 2017
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  2. Everyone who plays Roblox is a pedophile.
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  3. On a site where the majority of the users are kids, is anyone really surprised that a grown man playing just so happens to be a pedophile?
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    ★[Censored]★ Not my daughter you dips hit I'm a wizard

  4. I wish you found him sooner because of of his accounts are already dead
    edit: All of the leads we had are now dead. his twitter and deviantart are now deactivated
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  5. Sorry to double post but in the future archive accounts when they're likely to delete them all, especially with vital information because he deleted most of his accounts.
    Archived Twitter: http://archive.is/TmVe3
    Archived Ask.fm: http://archive.is/BtqMx

    Honestly his Ask.fm is one of the most important at the moment since thats were many of his cringy fans went and asked him random questions to which he responded if not equally but more cringy:
    Nikizann might be a random guy friend but Fonderfern11 might be one of his victims.
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    Hen in a tie There's a lack of Hens in ties on Google searches
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