Dramacow Miya Parker / Pumpkin / VambreWarriorr - Teenage Gendercuck In Love With Fictional Little Boys

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Jan 4, 2017
Ah, Tumblr. That site is like the gift that keeps on giving. Miya here is only the latest wonder to be belched up from the belly of this beast.



Anyways, Miya Parker, A.K.A Pumpkin, A.K.A VambreWarriorr, A.K.A MartyMcFleas, A.K.A JulesMcFly, is a 17 year old teenage ham beast who inhabits the bowels of the SJW wonderland. She has made a name for herself on the site due to the fact that she ever so often develops crushes on cartoon little boys. From one of the little boys from that old Back to the Future cartoon to Penn Zero from Penn Zero, Part Time Hero to Matt from Cyberchase, The Great Pumpkin has tons of names to her list.



These screenshots depict Miya thirsting over Star from Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil. Notice how she is WISHING that the art is of the character, who is a young girl, aged up. She doesn't know for sure.

It is not just that she falls in love with these young characters, but also - get this - DRAWS HER MOTHERFUCKING OCs GETTING IT ON WITH THEM. Apparently she has drawn art of Tyler Bowman from Supernoobs with his dick out and Matt from Cyberchase getting a blowjob from her OC, however, these pictures have apparently since been deleted.


Miya/Pumpkin is turning 18 this year, and is clearly upset about it cuz she won't be able to lust for cartoon little boys without getting in trouble anymore!


Apparently her latest crush is.... wait for it.... Stingy from Lazytown. In this above picture, a screen grab from a Skype Chat which was posted by one of her ex-friends, Miya (The one with the pink avatar) and a friend are making sexual jokes about an 8 year old puppet. The ex-friend, being a man of righteous nature, was grossed out and immediately left the Skype chat of disgust.

When called out for her creepy nature, Pumpkin is known to throw absolute fucking tantrums on her Tumblr page. She slings every kind of cuck accusation known to human civilization at the people who call her out and rages about it for days. Honestly, this girl - oh, I mean - non-binary pumpkin kin -


Lord save us.

As I was saying, she is just a motherfucking nutcase. If enough people become aware of her, she could very well become the next big lolcow.

Her Tumblr - http://pumpkinmeanswell.tumblr.com
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