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I've been playing WoW off and on for years. I tried Neverwinter, which was actually quite good until you get near max level, then maximum cash shop activates. Whales in that game can solo dungeons with the gear they've got. I'm interested in hearing what other MMO's are like, as well as how updates/dev/community are handled. It's hard to get a sense of it until you actually play a game and interact with the forum for a long period.



Last time I played WoW, I was told the current catch up mechanic was kind of inaccessible to returning players. Is that still true?

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Just going to try to find another private server to play on. I didn't like Legion enough to want to resub.

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Tried Mabinogi a long time ago and didn't take long for me to uninstall that shit. Almost every interaction you do prompts a nag message of buying premium access or some jew shit like that

Tree of savior is successor to ragnarok, but it's very modern, with instances and stuff. Huge variety of builds, 4 basic classes and 8 following sub classes, most of which can be taken 3 times in a row, giving extra levels for some specific abilities.
I remember getting hyped for this but I couldn't get early access so I set it aside. Next thing I heard, the game was plagued with 3rd world gold sellers, bots and massive lag. Shame the game is really pretty.

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I quit WoW a few months ago (due to the fact BFA sucks and because of drama that ruined my love for the game) and I am on and off with FF14.
I lose interest in wow the second i unlock an allied race, which ironically is the only drive i have in the game. I made my few mains KT. Now what? There's two more allied races before the next expac, so guess I'll play again in a years time.

I was given a free month for literally no reason. Was gonna go play xiv the few days after KT when my time would run out. RIP.

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