Trashfire Modern-Day Debate: Ft. Fuentes, Southern, AlexStein, Taftaj, Marie Oaks + more?

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Smug Chuckler

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Dec 30, 2018
Alex Stein hijacks the debate and turns it into an autistic rant about what it means to be a real woman while wearing catears and a bra, Nick starts having a crush over Alex and gives him the gaze, Stardust gets bored and starts eating her second dinner, Lauren Southern starts having second thoughts about her life, and Taftaj 41%s himself by the end of the stream but nobody cares.

Jun 6, 2013
It will be an absolute trash fire. But in the long run, everyone is going to start triangulating on Nick the Spic. I don't think Southern or Ol' #99 like him very much, so he'll try and make a show of reaching out to to Startust and the troon - which won't work. Isn't stardust both anti-Nick, becasue he's a racist, and also at least sort of anti-troon?

May 7, 2022
>Catboy fuhrer vs a troon, Laura, Stardust and a bunch of other literal who
Yawn. Is Tiny gonna hop on and actually make this mildly interesting?

Tard Whisperer

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Jun 21, 2022
this is a sequel to the previous debate on whether there is a war on men, with several of the same participants
i watched most of the Modern Day Debate between Nick/Hake/Alex Stein/Brittany from Politically Provoked vs Hunter Avallone/Stardust/Radical Coder/some guy named Dooby on whether there's a 'war on men'. pretty good entertainment if you like laughing at retards. link

Nick and Hunter went back and forth a lot with insults. Nick said Hunter should beat his wife and offered to beat his wife for him, generally supported domestic violence the whole debate. how Christian. Hunter mainly called Nick gay. Alex Stein disappointingly engaged in lots of Nick licking. Radical Coder and Hake are clinically mentally disabled.

a couple clips:
View attachment 3478119

longer highlight reel on youtube. Nick says that there's a war on black men too, black men were "the last bastion of masculinity because they beat women, called them bitches and shot people." also, women are all going to hell. so epically edgy! what will he say next?!
unfortunately Hake and 'Radical Coder,' who somehow managed to be more lulzworthy than the other retards, aren't on this one. this one seems like it will rely on Nick being aggressive to Lauren to be entertaining.