Modern Education - Are the cracklets alright?

Worst part about school

  • The food

    Votes: 8 9.9%
  • The teachers

    Votes: 18 22.2%
  • The kids

    Votes: 17 21.0%
  • The subjects taught

    Votes: 26 32.1%
  • Roastie teach taking my virginity

    Votes: 12 14.8%

  • Total voters

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The K-12 system is fractured because it didn't evolve from an industrial mindset, rather it doubled-down on it with policy which made "teaching for the test" more important than the development and preparation of young people to be good citizens. We also poorly compensate and reward teachers, and even the reward system is fundamentally fractured. Basically, the best people don't want to go into teaching for 1000 valid reasons and attempts to use structure and incentives to get the most out of people who will accept shit wages fell flat because the classroom works best when it is a more organic than mechanistic environment.

You get what you pay for, and that's why most people who are in their late 20s and younger are p darn braindead.

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Trying to lump everyone into the same bland, lowest common denominator curriculum. Smart kids pick up personality defects from this. Not everyone is created equal in the brain department.

Refusal to discipline troublemakers in an effective manner. I know places where kids more or less openly deal drugs and no one gives a damn.

Prioritizing test scores and graduation rates above all else, resulting in high school grads that can't fucking read.

Biggest three imo,


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The history department in schools is pretty sad. Sometimes it’s taught expecting you to memorize and regurgitate facts without thinking of where they come from. I know the subject gets a bad rep, but it is so important. It helps people learn about government, politics, religion, philosophy, human behavior, and culture. I say this especially for K-12 school where some are so entrenched in their ideology that they don’t want people to question what they are learning because it might be “politically incorrect”.
Refusal to discipline troublemakers in an effective manner. I know places where kids more or less openly deal drugs and no one gives a damn.
This one was super weird, I was in highschool when they introduced it.

First year of highschool I got detention for not doing my homework, last year of highschool I got a stern talking to for printing out goatse and gluing it to the outside of windows around the school.
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Dr. Samuel Hayden

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All of it.

Teachers get little to no pay, the half that actually want to teach can't discipline the kids or go outside of what the school allows in teaching so it all stays in one strict regiment of tests and textbooks. The other teachers couldn't care less about their jobs and don't want to help students who show any real interest in learning.

Students are rabid juveniles who have just as feral of parents who will try suing a school if a teacher so much as tells the little shits 'no' so classrooms become more of a jailhouse having to deal with kids until their parents begrudgingly take them back home.

Most subjects in school are completely pointless or have no standards. English, vocab, and math were given easy passes if the school didn't want to have people breathe down their neck because some ghetto kid was too busy skipping classes and threatening classmates and would have to be held back another year.

And then of course it comes to money, which they never seem to have any of.

And then after all that you get to go to a university where you relive your years in preschool where everything is soft and colorful and no bad feelings are allowed.


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Bored to death in half my classes. Curricula are always centered at a pace that lets the worst people still manage to hang in— in a class of 30 this is a nightmare. Related, the fact that there are too many students in general than the education system can handle, where colleges have to do bullshit like "holistic approach" to decide which of the 10 kevin's gets to their school.
Half the time we end up redoing things in class that people should have done for homework because people are lazy and don't want to do it at home because "muh other classes." Let's not even get into the wealth of evidence that points towards schools starting way too early (the government can't even get itself to listen to its own advice...), or the threads of anti-intellectualism winding their way through education. American students are lazy, dumb, and told that they are valid and valuable, despite the fact that they've done nothing to earn that. Result? People can't handle criticism, and they think that their stupid ideas are as good as those of an actual thinker.
And these are AP classes and students, supposedly the best in the country.
Speaking of which, lets talk about the fact that the universalization of knowledge under College Board is literally ruining entire generations by keeping them from specializing or exploring things that they're actually interested in under the guise of "preparing for college." Don't even get me started on how ACT/SAT are taught to for literal years and have lost all meaning. K-12 education is under the vice-grip of a "non-for-profit" monopoly that makes millions a years in "surplus" money by charging exorbitant rates for the services they provide that they know students are required to do if they want to go anywhere after high school.
God this makes me so angry every single day I'm stuck in this broken system.

Crunchy Leaf

the problem on the one end is poverty, and the problem on the other end is upper middle class entitlement. the first issue could be fixed with better social programs, especially more treatment for drug addiction and mental illness. but i don't know what to do about the second one other than administrations not buckling to parents.

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