Modern Education - Are the cracklets alright?

Worst part about school

  • The food

    Votes: 8 9.9%
  • The teachers

    Votes: 18 22.2%
  • The kids

    Votes: 17 21.0%
  • The subjects taught

    Votes: 26 32.1%
  • Roastie teach taking my virginity

    Votes: 12 14.8%

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eternal dog mongler
There is an enormous amount of jobs that you can get through cert programs, technical schools and apprenticeships. Plumber, oil work, electrician, sanitation worker, etc.

Despite this, college is seen as the only way forward. It's so ingrained in the culture that states have passed laws requiring people to apply for colleges to graduate highschool. New Mexico is trying to do that now.
There's a high school near me that has a vocational fast track. You can get a head start on your HVAC cert or learn to be an auto mechanic, etc.

It is, for whatever reason, meant for the dumb fuckup kids and students typically get recommended to attend there as some kind of punishment. Kinda weird, considering their graduates probably make more money than the average kid on the college track.

The thing is, though, in the US you're pretty much going to need a college degree unless you work in the trades. And even then you might need to have one if you want to advance in your career to the managerial level. I don't know why we fetishize college degrees so much, but it is what it is.
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God of Nothing
School quality largely depends on where you live. Somewhere rich, public K-12 schools are surprisingly baller with a minimum amount of politics because youngsters are seen as too exceptional to understand the simplest of social and geopolitical issues, which most of them are and will still be in their adulthood. Highschool is always shit wherever you go because of teenage hormones and the rise of teachers spouting their political opinions at you.

As someone who heard more than enough politically and opinion charged lectures in their college years, the teachers are without a doubt the absolute fucking worst thing in school beyond just the regular structural issues. A surprising amount of them are detached from reality and complete hypocrites who preach love and understanding yet have none for those who believe in something different than them. These fuckers will try and brainwash you to think you need to stay longer, take classes you don't need, and believe in economic systems that are complete nonsense. The best classes I've ever had were with professors who knew to keep their politics away from their subject matter unless absolutely relevant to a lesson, which often amounted to try and understand instead of judge. The absolute worst were humanities and lesser so those grey area classes that could apply to any major if slightly relevant. I remember the most reasonable political conversation I've ever had while taking basic freshman composition being one I had with a dude bro football player about how pretty much everything course-unrelated we read over was tantamount to propaganda. Had that tall bulky motherfucker pinned as an exceptional individual at first but stepped out of that class holding him in a higher regard than I held our professor.

If these are the majority of people teaching our brightest minds, our society is fucked.
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Hehe xd
You now need a college degree to work as a secretary. I see no way this will backfire, none at all.
The push towards "everyone needs a college degree" is ridiculously unsustainable, and just devalues an actual education, because the schools need to start appealing towards their primary demographics who don't want to be there, or aren't smart enough to be there.
Thats the thing though. The highschool system is dysfunctional so the only way to know if some stranger isn't exceptional is through immigration or through college.

You can't fuck around with hiring people - firing them can be a pain so you can't take risks and do trials to see if people have common sense.

Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
Where to start?
Zero-tolerance policies.
Crappy curricula.
Probably half of all teachers simply don't give a shit anymore.
Absolutely exceptional crap like Common Core and before that, New Math.
Helicopterish parents constantly getting in good teachers' grills about stupid shit and driving them to apathy.
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