Moleman Wars Episode I: The Nickname Menace -

I thought this might clear up a few things for people just getting into Moleman9000. Will add more to this later:

Is Gaben really Dave Navarro's brother?

Yes. He is his half brother.

Why does Gaben hate being called Gaben?
Two reasons:
1. Gay Pen wants to come off as an internet professional. Thus he wants people to refer to him in a formal manner as Moleman9000.
2. Calling Gaben and other names was something started by his trolls and thus it reminds him of the constant trolling he has endured.

What the fuck is wrong with Gaben?
Autism + Being a Spoiled Rich Kid + Having no friends outside his online life.

Why doesn't Gaben just ignore the trolls?

Gay Pen is obsessed with TV Tropes and cartoons. In his mind, real life works like a cartoon. The heroes always triumph in some fashion while the villains are rightfully punished. In Gayben's mind, he is a valiant hero standing up to the complete monsters that are trolling him. He shouldn't have to change his internet habits. He shouldn't change, everybody else has to change to fit his needs. In his spoiled mind, he can never lose and to run away from his trolls would be the ultimate defeat.

Why does Gaben whiteknight Justin Bieber?

Why is Gaben so focused on the internet?
I'm guessing that his anger problems in addition to his sexual interests and ego stroking make Gaben incredibly unpopular in real life. Thus Gaben has retreated to the internet for most of his socialization. To the point of spending his vacation in Hawaii online, Moleman9000 has completely dedicated his life to online pursuits, effectively cutting himself off from any meaningful human interaction outside of his family and long distance penpal Emma.

Does Gaben condone rape?
No, not really. At least not obviously. Rather, Gaben doesn't understand how to tactfully handle rape in fiction. Note that he doesn't use rape as black comedy but instead tries to be serious with it. Of course, Gaben's understanding of what makes rape in fiction dramatic is extremely lacking so basically just crams in various rape tropes in his demons to make them as over the top evil as possible. This would be alright if he were going for some Tarantinoesque over the top kind of angle, but Gaben wants his story to be read as something more serious and grounded.

Why do all of Gaben's drawings lean to the side?

Is Gaben sexually deviant?

Oh boy. You bet your ass he is. Gaben is a pedophile in denial. He masturbates to drawn art of children and claims that since they aren't real children, he isn't a pedophile. His reasoning is wrong and only proves that he isn't a child MOLESTER. He still finds children attractive and thus can be considered a pedophile. He also believes that pedophiles should not be judged for being what they are and gets real offended when people judge them. In Gay Pen's mind being a pedophile is just as bad as being a homosexual. The fact that pedophiles are attracted to people who cannot consent doesn't seem to faze Gaben. Rather, pedophilia and homosexuality are equatable in that they are both SINS.

Is Gaben gay?
Personally? I think so. Mostly because of his obsession with Justin Bieber and constant whiteknighting of him. He also liked a picture showing Sonic the Hedgehog (male) spanking Chris Thorndyke (another male who is also underage) in a sexualized setting. One can only wonder if Gay Pen's anger stems from his repressed sexuality.
Can Gayben change?
No. He is literally too autistic and spoiled to change. His formative years were tainted by Toby giving into his autistic temper tantrums. Any attempts at telling Gabe "Ignore the trolls!" will fall on autistic ears. He cannot accept defeat. Ever.

What are Gabe's fictional interests?

Sonic, Borderlands, Total Drama Island, Kids Next Door, Spongebob, Avatar the Last Airbender

What is the Nava-Verse?

Moleman9000's Sonichu. It is a poorly drawn body of work revolving around the idea that God remade the universe after the apocalypse, this new universe being the Nava-Verse. Every being in the Nava-Verse is a poorly drawn smear of various clashing colors and angles. Basically something a schizophrenic would draw only autistic. A lot of his edgy demons are covered in spikes and have multiple penises for raping. There is even a female demon that absorbs people through her vagina. Yeah, Moleman is a fucking deviant.
Dude, not cool. For the last time, you are forbidden from exploiting my personal information like this.
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Dude, not cool. For the last time, you are forbidden from exploiting my personal information like this.
Amigo, please cite the law that forbids us from exploiting public information that you do not even own the rights to. If such a law exists, why are your "EPIC RAP BATTLES" and shit Youtube Poops exempt?
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