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How much do we actually know about Moley's real life? I mean, has someone started investigating? Is he going to be like Chris and his online persona is only the tip of the icesperg?

A lot of his journals, which can be seen in Alan Pardew's first thread, reveal interesting facts about his life. He has screamed at his teachers several times (got him expelled from art class, broke his retainer during math class, and he once told another teacher he had no respect for him to his face). He's gotten into tard rage fights before, including punching a korean kid for making a joke about eating dogs, and is known to fly off the handle in real life quite often. His journals reveal he is also 50 pounds overweight and that he consumes an ungodly amount of junk food. His first mention of going to college seemed reluctant and he gave off the impression that his mom forced him to go. He has also been sent by his mother to numerous anger management/autist training camps.

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This last one was unsolicited, suggesting he was having a temper tantrum and needed to vent after my earlier convo with him. How dare he besmirch the law.
Huuuugh, yeah. Want to site a statute there, Gabs? Like, one single statute, ordinance, decree, Constitutional amendment - ya know, like, point out an actual, honest-to-Barb law on the books that's been broken?
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It's rather disturbing that this guy might be going to the same University as I am.


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It's rather disturbing that this guy might be going to the same University as I am.
If he is look for the people he is around and start to mine for stories. For all we know, Gaben could be going nuclear IRL at the same time he does online.

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