Cosplay Momokun / Momokun Cosplay / Mariah Mallad / M3rkat / Meeka / "Moomoo" / "Thicc Samus" - Body Positive Islamic Fake Nerd Girl Cosplayer, Convention Creep, Ass + Tiddy Groper

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Mystic neko with a ringy dingy


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I'll give her credit where it's due, the wig doesn't look that bad. It's the right color and everything. Got the proper stripe and all. Hat looks good too....

.....then from the neck down is a disaster. Her shorts literally look like someone pulled a wedgie over a diaper. Her waist is so tight it just looks awkward and doesn't fit the character. The gloves look like some kind of r.etarded Michael Jackson cosplay and the leggings look about to burst open with the wrong movement.


death metal uguuuu <3


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Now rate me :dumb: but had I not know that moomoo was supposed to be someone from steven universe, I would have thought this would be some slutty (and lazy) Valentine's day photoshoot for her thirsty neckbeards to wank off to this year. She looks like a cheap porn parody of Marie Antoinette....except fat and grosser.


What fuckery is this
So, whose design did she rip off this time?
Looks eerily similar to sarahspaceman's design, that i think she wore to Katsu last year (I can't remember, she's worn her Pink to a couple of cons)

And wasn't Moo banned from the hotel that Katsu is at? 😂


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My god Umbranwitch's boot covers and overall poor fit. It almost looks like both were made for Moo and Moo chose at the last minute who was wearing what.

Honourable mention: the horrifying fit of moo's corset (though idk if a corset can help her mishappen tits).

Moo's costume itself looks hella expensive. Either those Chinese sellers are really stepping their game up or this is an entire month's worth of patreonbux.