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Haha holy shit here’s some fucking Moo galaxy brained shit. While going on this anti racism rant and cosplay drama, she posted this:
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Leon Chiro, the dude front and center seems to have a history of sexually harassing female cosplayers and has blackfaced for cosplay before. He’s currently in trouble for this:

I’m not sure if she’s willfully ignoring things her crew has done or is doing or she’s vaguing in the guy’s direction immediately after finding out what he’s said despite his known history, it’s both incredibly tone deaf.
I literally hate his muscle pads. Maybe moo is hoping he'd fuck her if she asskissed long enough.
Lol some twitter drama with moo's friend.


You have to try to be this fucking stupid


I'm not gonna read that

I got rabies
She's so scared to use the word porn, like if you're selling videos of you masturbating, fucking own it and say it's porn already. You're not "teehee im lewwwd uwu >////<"

Even when she did lewd stuff it was too hardcore to be lewd, like her idea of an ahegao was her mouth fucking wide and her tongue fully sticked out like she was waiting for a creampie or a bukkake.

Maybe she think it's kinky to act like a imouto virgin something that's getting dirtier and dirtier, but that only works when your whole game is about innocence. Momo can't do that because she has openly groped ass and boobs, she lusted after several guys and several girls, she's showed her asshole, photoshopped it out, showed her asshole again, showed her vagina, made several "oops oh noes accidental nip slip", then made "not accidental nip slip", tried some feet stuff, played with dildos, poured fake cum all over her face, eyes and mouth, plays with her boobs all the time and did some camgirl stuff. Now it's "use my body to your heart's content", she really can't "but im so pure >///<" and expect it to work.