Lolcow Monica Christine Olson / Monnie Riot / Rotten Riot / Monica Punk - Lesbian welfare NEET whose job is her mental health

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Featured on Jul 15, 2021 at 12:15 PM: Monica Punk's thread from 2014 gets a new OP.
There is an old thread on this individual already, but the OP's full of dead videos and ultimately, it didn’t get the attention it could've, so this is my feeble attempt at reviving the discussion.

Say hello to Monica!


I, and many others, heard about her after a video of hers went semi-viral around 2014 under her old moniker of "Monica Punk."
In this video, she details why she is opposed to getting a job, citing a hatred for retail being one of the reasons (yet expresses desire to work at Hot Topic), and uses this to justify being on welfare.
Bear in mind, she doesn’t attribute her aversion to getting a job on “muh mentalz” throughout this entire video, but she does it constantly nowadays. There is a mouth-diarrhea of excuses in this video, but none have to do with her debilitating mental illnesses.

The memory of this video urged me to seek her out and what I found was shocking.

treasure trove.PNG

Ms. Riot is very prolific uploader, uploading 4-6 videos a day of mostly pointless shit. Since I’ve subbed to keep tabs on her, she’s flooded my subscription feed with so much garbage that it’s become a chore to scroll past it. There is just too much for me to sift through, but there’s plenty of entertainment to be had once you get past videos of herself wordlessly drawing for almost ten minutes (yes, this is a regular thing for her).

She doesn't take the opportunity to rant about how bullshit the world is, bitches we don't know, or anything else that would make this kind of video mildly-engaging ⁠— we barely even see her progress. We just sit and watch her draw in complete silence until she's done. Sometimes you get to hear her snort, mumble, or hear her aging parents hack in the background. Again, she uploads videos like this regularly and it's very confusing to me.

wordlessly drawing.PNG

Here’s the finished piece. Ain’t it pretty?

Finished Art.PNG

Four years ago, she got a little more attention with this particular video here and you can see why.


This was the first video I saw upon rediscovering her and it was kind of jarring to see she hadn’t changed in the least. Fast-forward all these years later and she is still uploading videos defending her lifestyle to a non-descript group of people who're criticizing her. I have no idea who these people are, given that her videos never have any comments on them.

She is also a lesbian (and a possible troon in the works). She’s made a plethora of videos discussing her girlfriends and girls she wants to be her girlfriend. Her mother’s judgmental attitude toward the women she dates is taking a toll on her mental health, according to her.

Thanks to @michael_bruh for helping out with the finnicky NSFW archival process.

She uploads another highly personal video of herself rambling in the dark about her dwindling porn usage, a girl she likes, and how much she doesn't care.

Monica is an artist,

as well as a musician,

she is also fat.

She has multiple Facebook accounts, most of them being abandoned or forgotten in typical Lolcow fashion.

Multiple FBs.PNG

What state should I go to if I get kicked out..PNG

This post here is from 2019, but it’s interesting because of this rare comment chain I found on one of her recent videos.
In response to this video This is difficult someone asks her if she’s getting kicked out and she responds with:

it's illegal.PNG

There are some contradictory statements here. She asks a couple years ago if it's legal to kick out a "mentally ill" person (that's certainly up for debate) and claims today that her parents would never kick her out. It’s strange that all of the sudden, she would have this drive to go house-searching for funzies unless there was a force actively dogging her to move out, such as her mom. I imagine she threatens her mom with the legalities of kicking her out and that's why no action has been taken, but that's just speculation.

She outright states she's moving out, but it's unlikely to be totally of her own volition.

Pride Blanket.PNG

I also suspect a homeless-saga is in the works because of her bizarre attempts to rope in viewers, no matter how unsavory those viewers may be.

She’s recently uploaded two videos of her feet. I guess to make money potentially? Draw in the perverts?

Just as with YouTube, she treats Facebook as a sort of diary where she can air out her most personal and private grievances, via shitty macros.

anxiety pains.PNG
cdc trusting men.PNG
giving up on relationships.PNG
mother critic.PNG
long sexy hair.PNG
(no responses)

starving artist.PNG

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Day off? She has work days? she means days off from hanging around the local community college. She isn't a student, she just likes to creep around. I think she tried to take a class there last year but ended up dropping it.


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What is that horrid thing and why does it talk? :o

Seriously this Monica person makes Chris and Pixy look like Mr. and Ms. Smith. Holy shit. wow

According to littlebiscuits, it's a fat activist wizard female who doesn't want to get a job. It talks so it can get what it wants, be it telling people why she doesn't want to work or to be disrespectful to her mother.

I'm also sure that Chris doesn't talk to his mother like she did to hers in the job video.

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No, it isn't free money, Monica. People who work for a living are providing you money to indulge in your hobbies. I imagine you treat them as well as you treat your mom for doing so.

The only good thing is that she's getting lambasted in the comments section of her YouTube videos for her lifestyle.

And remember, folks, moving your legs while lying down is a workout. Forget about running or lifting weights, you can get a workout while being a couch potato.

Yes, I know there are real workouts where you can lie down, but they're designed for elderly or disabled people who can't do more effective workouts, not for fat, lazy people.

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