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Now by no means should we directly contact any of the people involved in this, particularly not to tease or harass them, so I'm definitely not suggesting anyone do this.

All I'm saying is that if some horrible people who are not at all involved with the Farms were to start tweeting triggering photos of Jelly Bellies to Mo, it would not, I repeat not, be funny. There would be nothing funny about that at ll.


Not *cough* Zack.
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Wonder how people are going to react when they find out that Rial’s “IT HAPPENED TO ME” was a jellybean she signed and threw at Vic, then Vic ate it and said “I can say I ate Monica Rial!”

That is literally it.
The jelly bean story is starting to hit Google search results.

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Wait what? Is that really it? That can't be real, no one is this batshit insane. I'll take my :optimistic: ratings like a champ, but I'm seriously pressing X on this one.

Is this an add-on to the hair pulling and sexual whispers she claimed before or is this the thing that was enough for Funi to sack Vic?
More than likely an add on. It was apparently the damning story they had though that they did not want to bring up.

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