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Damn, that was brutal.

RIP @Zero Day Defense's honor.
I lost more ATP than honor trying to connect that statement to my inquiry about why both myself and @ClickerCar not being considered "baited" despite both of us doing about the same thing about the same way and me being labeled as being baited.

I assumed it was another troll antic because of that...

View attachment 878786

His tweets are protected, so I can't do an archive, but I can search for the tweet in Google.
View attachment 878788
Someone else menage to save that tweet.

I guess that video was already mentionned but it might be worth to mention again just in case. Looks like Monica got more hidden skeletons in her closet.

I've been mulling over this one particular sticking point for me. Just because it seems contradictory and this specifically pertains to Monica because it was her claim.

If he was banned from Sentai's offices... Why does she... or any of these morons... think that they couldn't speak up about this? Now, the likelihood he was banned is low, apparently Ty has information on that and says it isn't true. We'll have to wait on that. But, assuming it was true already. Then the claim that he was too powerful or they were afraid nothing would be done is absolute bullshit because they've already seen that he's not immune.


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Stop. Hold it right fucking there, you goof.

This isn't just some "Waaah, Waaah, they don't like our opinions!" these deplorable shitbags decided to end Vic's career for petty reasons, and barely acted human for the leading months up to this shitstorm.

Monica threatened people with Homeland Security if they disagreed with her politely or asked for evidence that wasn't just from her mouth, and notably she told a dude to jack it in a sock~ Ronald Toye III also called Vic a motherfucker demanding he control people bodying him and his seacow fiancee for their bullshit, and him calling a girl a bitch who called him out.

Need I remind you of Ronnie defending predator Neil Kaplan, after that pervert got exposed and he called a victim of Neil's creepy behavior a liar which KickVic spread like it was the gospel? There's a reason why Kaplan is on that Broken Staircase List, and Ron "Sheep Dog for Victims" Soye essentially let him get away to see another day because of Neil's hateboner for Vic leading to him backing up Monica Rial and Crazy Jamie Marchi's lies.

Don't even get me started the company they keep, including Jamie "Yes I want his head and balls" Marchi or Amanda "I hope you get raped to understand victims" Winn Lee.

Fuck outta here.


do you are have stupid
Yes I fell for a bait, and am a newfag.

No need to make it a video, exceptional but still less than the guy who sperged at Beta Sean and Assbat at the Florida Con or that RWBYFan1000 who kept begging Cuck Teeth to bring Vic back for months before the lawsuit, when it was blatant that it was never gonna happen.
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"People kept saying we look alike"

Like Helen Keller, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder?
They both look like fat, past-their-prime bitches desperately trying to hide it with makeup, low lighting, and deceptive camera angles to me.

Perhaps everyone else was just referring to how ugly both of them are on the inside though.

Edit: I originally thought this was Monica and Jamie Marchi. Surprisingly it doesn't actually change any of what I wrote, but I thought I should add this in the interest of full disclosure.
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