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Well hung, and snow white tan
How is this business? Seems like you two are having a good time
the drink does look good.

Given how open it is that she drinks often, is the idea that she got drunk at a con, Vic touched her to help her out, and boom-our current series of lambasting occurs.
or Vics helps her Up and she hopes to take him to her lair. Drunk horny bitches are the worst,

Donganique and Rial are doing their shitty Thelma & Louise op:

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I hope so because at the end of the movie those two bitches drove a car off the edge of a cliff.

Dean Pentel

White, meek, totally non-threatening
"People kept saying we look alike"
"Thirsty weebs kept praising us, hoping we'd respond and give their pathetic lives some meaning, however brief."

And it's not even a question of getting some pussy, because that's not hard at all. Take a page out of Vic's book, and either 1) be born genetically gifted with handsomeness (though not height), cultivate some skills, collect Weebette panties, or 2) find someone willing to sell you some. Though it would also benefit many to learn another lesson from Vic: never, ever fuck your coworkers.

But then I'm still a virgin at 36, so what do I know?


True & Honest Fan

Though I bet Monica can chug two of those down for breakfast.

Scarlett Johansson

Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall
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Donganique and Rial are doing their shitty Thelma & Louise op:

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You dare disgrace Geena Davis like that..

Monica is supposed to be fearing for her life cowering in her shitty apartment. Has she ever gotten drunk with AWL?

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