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He said he only was married once before, right? So he lied in deposition in that case. I'm assuming that picture was taken before the son lived with MoRonica, but he's got the eyes of a kid who's seen things :cryblood:. The marriage where he said he was an asshole and that's why they divorced was his second marriage before Monica, yes? How in the world did these women put up with him for five years each, then?
I believe he was asked if he was married once before. The person asking him used singular, so this isn't technically perjury. It's lying by omission, but I don't think that counts.
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It would be an actual crime, which is why it's a wild speculation and not a fact.
Curious, how would it be a crime for Funi to fund MoRon's defense. Wouldn't that be like Hulk's suit being funded against Gawker? Or is it because it reinforces the conspiracy angle?


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You know... It's kinda weird that there is so much twitter tarding being done by the affiants right now that a ton of the focus has been taken off those actually involved in the case.
Well that, and Soye boye finally realized he should just protect his tweets to avoid direct ridicule. Won't save him from the beard tho.

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Rape Face #3
Developing: Nick Rekieta is currently reading an affidavit from the divorce proceedings of his second ex-wife, where she is alleging under oath that Ron Toye committed domestic abuse against her.

For fuck's sake
>Second ex wife
Maybe this explains his inability to commit to Monica.

Also, where is that pie chart about male allies being sexual predators/abusers? Because it's always the case. Behind their white knight facade is almost always a man who is willing to abuse women who don't do what they want.

Edit- Threatened to chop up his ex wife's dog, what the actual fuck. I knew his indignation during the depo seemed a little unhinged, but seems like it hid something dark.

I know that his side will attack her credibility based on her being a deranged ex wife, not too sure how that will seem. Unlike Vic, he hasn't been dogpilled by a series of sexual assault accusations, only for being an idiot and soy boy stereotype. Seems less likely for a jealous ex wife to come in and dunk on him with a sworn affadafit for no reason. At least that's how I see it.
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