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Any time now, faggots.
Just he wont put up anything else, he has to do something with this one as it would be very bad for him if he didn't do anything. This is a shallow donation, he doesn't actually care it's just to save face.
I know it isn't much and he hasn't done anything else productive in over a year, but I'm easy to please in that regard especially when it comes to someone who absolutely needs the help.

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I think we've known for a while Andrea was going to make an affidavit, but then it never came to pass because reasons or something. Maybe unlike with @EriMin and Stan, when her affidavit didn't live up to their narrative standards, they just said "Thank you for your time" and then tossed it instead of handing it over to the court because going after her wasn't an option at this time due to keeping up appearances.

Also this is the same woman he was going to make a podcast with that never came to pass, right? It's a possibility the two aren't on good speaking terms right now because of the "failed" affidavit.


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If only there was a way to get "WIFE BEATER" to show up on a Ron Toye google search the same way mental illness does for manjaw.


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Now here's something interesting
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Looks like ron's ex was going to give an affidavit for the vic case.
It must really get to him that people call him a wife beater. You know, like how people call vic a pedo, rapist, and sexual harasser.
This is is first wife. Not the 2nd one he beat. It is nice having receipts.