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Get over it Ron. Biden is the new president. You people voted for him, he won, deal with it.



Tiddies out for my internalized misogyny
And also by the pictures and videos they posted from inside their new home,

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Ron projecting about paying for a dox. He claims to have found out who took those pictures of his old house that was for sale (again), but hasn't told their mom yet.

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A jawline only a Lynn Cunt could be proud of.
Ron the reformed says he's a winner because he threatened to murder a bunch of people and got off without any jail time.

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But he’s changed! Surely you can’t mean Ron is lying!
Ron Toye comparing a tour of duty in Iraq to having a photo of his house posted in this thread.

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Ronnie, are you implying that those of Islam are violent? That’s very racist of you. I’m most disappointed :(
I love how long it’s taking for some lefties to realize that politicians always lie to you to vote them in. Lmao enjoy your purchase for the next four years you dumb fucks.


Watching the shitshow.
If you gave Ron a blow up sex doll that said Monica on the box,he would claim its one of the greatest things on earth.Just put the name Monica on a porta potty ad watch him be in bliss.

Kari Kamiya

"I beat her up, so I gave her a cuck-cup."
True & Honest Fan
Jamie is adapting the scripts for this show alongside Leah Clark.
Oh, there she is. My eyes honestly glaze over at these dub announcements, but I think it's still funny Jamie hasn't had a voice-over role in ages. Script-writing is still an issue, but at least no one has to look at or hear her.

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