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All bugs are insects. Not all insects are bugs.
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Even an absolute sped, even a pathetic little marmot of a man like Toye the Soye Boye, realizes his next stop after fucking with Rekieta is the morgue.
True that.

You know, the only thing wrong with your calling Ron a marmot is the cute factor. Other than that though; they are sneaky, devious and thieving little rodents so yeah.. Ron's a marmot.

As far as the analogue, one gets over the cuteness thing pretty quick once they find their food opened and scattered, gear bags chewed through and small but important pieces of equipment missing.

Kari Kamiya

"I beat her up, so I gave her a cuck-cup."
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Didn't need an article to be told how much of a beta-cuck Ron is. If a man does and says (perhaps even looks) everything the opposite of @Ron Toye, then that man is not a beta.

(Also the comments of that article are dripping with insecurities, what a pleasant comment section.)
Yeah I thought that shit was hilarious, that article applies to most of KV twitter white knights. I figured anyone interested in a good lol could take a look at it

Divine right to rule

Per asperga ad astra
Even an absolute sped, even a pathetic little marmot of a man like Toye the Soye Boye, realizes his next stop after fucking with Rekieta is the morgue.
I think you underestimate Ronny's retardation.
He just can't be long enough away from Monica to fly to the grim North, where Nick dwells.
His body is addicted to a steady diet of bull-semen.

Lone Outsider
Ron should either do something about this shit or shut the fuck up. But then again this limbo created by his soyfilled weakness is a hell of his own making. I am just glad that He and Monica are in torment while Vic is getting on despite the struggle these rats have given him. In the end of the day, this is a battle of attrition and is why these people hit fast and hard because their nazi tactics i the only way they can hope to win.

Still for these people to sit on grudges for this long just goes to show they are the definition of a hater, and yet they still can't hate with style like Colonel H. Stinkmeaner. At this point they are better off forgetten about.

Google updated their street view.

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Mister Y2

Mister Y too
Ron, who keep trying to convince the people who donated to Vic's GFM that it's a grift, has a BLM display on his car... Ironic.
Hey, ISWV people, he has been nagging you about the GFM for like 2 years now, I think it's fair game to now nag him about the 1.4M mansion that one of the BML funders bought.

Hey Ron, don't you want to know how the money you donated to BLM was spent? If I donated, I sure would like to know what the money was used for...
Sounds familiar enough, Ron?

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