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Divine right to rule

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The court literally did not consider any of the evidence, you literally retarded literally criminal literal faggot.

Other than the evidence that Ron Toye was a contractor for Funimation, which is amazing since literally no one argued that point, but Chupp's too big brained for us.
I fucking love that they always go back to Chupp, who is the most retarded judge in Texas.
Even KV and lawtwitter should admit that Chupp did almost everything wrong, but they can't because he ruled in their favor.
So they have to defend a judge who is so exceptional that he didn't even grasp the relation the parties had to each other.

Never forget that Monica chose to chain herself to a self-admitted violent, abusive shitstain and this whole ordeal has branded Ron’s name to her ever dwindling reputation.
To be fair. She’s going to me too him once this all passes. It’s inevitable. She won’t be able to separate from him amicably. His abusive personality will be the perfect way out.

It's been a while since we checked in on Monica's wish list. She added this the day of her surgery. Maybe she was having her excess skin removed after she lost all that weight?


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Ron sounds a little angry today with those :). Wonder if someone from his insurance company broke the news that he wouldn't actually be getting free money from Vic and has quite a bill to pay himself?

Pay up @Ron Toye, your TCPA expert deserves it.
If only Chris Hook worked in Texas so Ron would receive a "PAY UP, GAY BOY" letter.


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Pay up @Ron Toye, your TCPA expert deserves it.
I love that they paid top dollar for that wheezing faggot when they could have just hired Lionel Hutz and got the same results from the somnambulist Judge Chupp. Fuck they could have just stood up a plank of wood with a mean face drawn on it with a Sharpie and that cunt would have ruled in their favor.

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