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Point Blank Period
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pickles, apples, tuna celery boats, and rice cakes. YUM

The boats have returned

Deciding if she should talk about muh health and mentals.

the bladder infection has returned and she is in pain guys.

Doctors don't order labs for you Amber because you never pay.


claims she does not have diabeetus or is even prediabeetic.

“Bad stuff” with her labs:
Very bad vitamin D deficiency - going to have to take 1 pill once a week (probably 50,000 IBUs)

She is also anemic - just found out y’all

Point Blank Period

  • Amber's eating is atrocious. If you skipped this video you avoided 35 minutes of stalling and lipsmacks.
  • She found another new doctor who she loves (for now) and she got her labs (bloodwork) done.
  • Claims to not have the beetus or is even pre-beetus.
  • The "bad stuff" with her labs is that she has a Vitamin D deficiency and that she is anemic.
  • She has to take a daily multivitamin and she admitted she has bought multivitamins over 10 times and never took a single one because laziness.
  • She questions if ricecakes are made of rice.
  • Be glad you didn't waste 35 minutes of your life on this long, drawn out video. Enjoy those 10 ads you basic bitch haydurs.
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Oh boy she’s wearing a wrist brace that looks absolutely filthy. Or maybe it just brings out the black of her knuckles, I dont’t know.

here Amber print this out for next time so the doctors know to take you absolutely seriously:


This is the same type of shit Amber said about the singing doctor when she first met her. Amber always has glowing reviews of doctors the first time she sees them and then somehow something goes wrong... imagine that.

Amber always ends up knowing better than anyone else for some reason.
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Buckle the Fuck Up Slut, We're Geting Shitfaced.
The bladder infection has returned y'all.
This bitch has ANOTHER bladder infection??? Nopenopenopenope. She absolutely has to not be taking her meds right or she's a flat out liar because there's no way in HELL she's getting laid enough to get a bladder infection that way. This is fucking ridiculous at this point.

Edit: You know what? I don't believe she has a bladder infection. UTIs are painful and fucking suck; you're baseline uncomfortable, you literally piss blood and it's a constant painful run to the bathroom. Homegirl is willing to run to the emergency room over a fever but can tolerate a bladder infection for THREE MONTHS? Get the fuck out of here, lying bitch.
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Vitamin D deficiency and anemia should not surprise anyone. She hardly ever sees the sun and probably isn't eating anything with Vitamin D, and she probably gets very low amounts of Vitamin C, which can inhibit iron absorption. Luckily for her she can get all of this from supplements so she doesn't need to eat any extra special foods. I don't know why she's talking about these things as though they're "scary". They're common problems that are easily remedied once diagnosed.

Archive, 240p:
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Pudgy Bear Claws

I see tubby is really leaning in to those feeder bucks with these moonhead/slop thumbnails.

Can you imagine the bacterial stew she must have in those layggeens? Maybe if she wore some tarp underwear and washed her swampy pants once in a while, she could keep her peehole from getting infected every week.

eta: unless her doctor gave her prescription strength Vitamin D (eta #3: she did) and ordered an iron infusion, she isn't that bad and even then, it's not a huge deal. She may be on the low end of the span for normal results but there's no reason for her to be shook about it. That "sparkling water" is just glorified diet soda. It's got the same crap, it's just fruit flavored.

eta #2: her doctor ran "all the necessary tests." No dummy, she ordered a CBC, maybe a D count and possibly a ferritin check. Those are standard starting points.

I'm tapping out, I can't stand the goddamn crunching.
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