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Maybe she takes uristat or one of the other analgesics made for UTI pain. You aren't supposed to take them for very long, but I doubt Al cares about instructions or even reads them. Or the uti is just a lah.
I still think the UTI is a lie, but even if it was true, I doubt she's taking medicine for it. Remember, she claims she doesn't like to take medication. You have to take those UTI meds three times a day or they don't work. They also only come in three day doses and unless Becky's running to the store every three days, our gorl hasn't posted a video recently where she's even been outside. She loves boring us riding dirty through Walmart and she;s taken pills on camera to prove us wrong about her antidepressants, I don't know how this situation is any different.

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Vitamin D deficiency and anemia should not surprise anyone. She hardly ever sees the sun and probably isn't eating anything with Vitamin D, and she probably gets very low amounts of Vitamin C, which can inhibit iron absorption. Luckily for her she can get all of this from supplements so she doesn't need to eat any extra special foods. I don't know why she's talking about these things as though they're "scary". They're common problems that are easily remedied once diagnosed.

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Actually, no. Fat people actually have a lot more Vitamin D trapped in their fat cells but low in serum. Vitamin D actually plays a huge role in in anemia, hair growth, and a ton of other stuff that we've just discovered in the past 10 years. Dumb people think it's just for "muh bones".