Mook-bong | Medical Diagnosis | Tuna Celery Boats - 02/11/20

Willie Dynamite

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She made an entire video bragging about how her L A B S came back normal. She staged this stupid cringe scene with Becky where they hugged and Becky said, you're healthy just big
I remember that video, it was the one where she actually admitted she'd been diagnosed with acanthosis nigricans (and conveniently blacked out the "source" on her weird online labs thingy), but spun it like with was just some special pigment condition uwu and said nothing about beetus. Thought she'd deleted it because she realised no one was believing that glaring lie


Turd Fergusson
She "finally found a doctor who cares"?

What happened to the other doctors she praised before?

Is she really goddamn shopping for doctors that tell her only what she wants to hear?
I think the love affair with her previous doctors ended when they started discussing her weight and the effects on her health. Our gurl is healthy and she is sticking to that line. How dare they not buying her manure?

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"I wonder how ricecakes are made? Like are those like actual rice? I feel like it's not."

This bitch.

She is staring at the ricecake like the caveman that is seeing fire for the first time.

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"Are rice cakes made of rice". Good fucking Lord.

And this bitch thinks she's a nutritionist.


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She can't admit to having the beetus because then people could point out how her food choices are shit in a way she couldn't deflect as easily. The food is already shit, but right now she can still use the "you don't see what I (don't) eat off camera." "Other YouTubers can double fist chicken wings on camera and lose weight." Or whatever.
Admittance of diabetes would instantly kill any coldstone trips and the half hidden candy in the scootypuff. I guess she could still drink her Sprite zeros

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That 52 or 53 pounds (when she's rounding up) is coming back with a vengeance. Goddamn, she looks like death mildly warmed over here. Dark, sunken eyes, dark lines around the omnipresent turned-down mouth, beetus paws, jowls, chins, and whatever the fuck that is all over her face. I guess we haven't showered since well before that first mook-bong, based on that greasy, dandruff-infested poop bun. She has the wrist brace on incorrectly, too, for whatever self-diagnosed malady that's for.

I'm quite looking forward to the bedbound era, now that we've reached the housebound era. All feeder porn mook-bongs all the time.

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Hulth things is scary cuz you don't have control... you could wash your pussy though, girl. Or can't you?
She can't even wash her hands. Some of that shit on her knuckles might be beetus but half of it is filth. One of the most recent times she went through Muh Depressions she visibly didn't bathe for weeks and the knuckle filth migrated to like a half moon around her thumb webbing. I remember seeing it in a wommart shopping trip where she was fondling everything in sight. Then like a couple videos later when she had fresh hair and a New Diet Plan the filth was gone.

I think she and Becks are really on the outs, that's why she's not filming anything but mukbangs with food she already had in the house or freshly meals that get delivered, why she sprained her wrist probably trying to wipe her ass, why she hasn't bathed, why she's so lonely woe :'(, why she hasn't been in any of Muppet Time with Eric lately. Maybe I'm being tinfoil hattie, but whatevs.

Slappy McGherkin

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I think she and Becks are really on the outs
I question this as well, but figure it to be either your suggestion (on the outs) or the Thumb Butler is literally in such a zombified state and refuses to be shown on video. Think about it... four mookfacefucks in a row? Nothing shown of trips to Walmart, the doctor, or Fat AL even in the car with Becks going anywhere? That's mighty suspicious to me because Albert ALWAYS likes filming herself as a "Gorl on the go!" Yet the only thing we see now is her stuffing her piehole in the same place, same shit, different day,

Conjecture a hypothesis, anyone?

Im actually proud of the comment section for not acknowledging that stupid wrist brace which is what she wants. Shes probably alluding that she has carpal tunnel and its from editeeen even tho she does all that shit from her phone.
I saw someone mention that brace was originally Necky's, though I can't be fucked to find proof. And, of course, as already noted, Stinky McCheesewheel isn't even wearing it correctly.

Think about it... four mookfacefucks in a row?
FIVE, booboo. Five disgusting, soul-sucking mookfuckfaces in a row.

Isn't vitamin d stored in our fat? I'm not a medical kiwi but I wonder if AL does have vitamin d stored but her body just isn't using it for some reason. like people say fat gorls store alot of excess estrogen in the fat and when they start losing it they start having hormone issues or something. if she decided more is better and over does it with the vitamin d could she store too much?