Mook-bong | Veggie Bagel Burgers | Eat with Me - 02/06/20


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I know this is going to come off as really, really A-Loggy, but if you post a fucking thumbnail like that on your "weight loss" channel you should fucking die. God, I fucking despise this bitch.

"Muh haydurr sit-chew-ateshin type moment is like so mental guieeeez, so watch me gorge myself like a drunk wildebeest uwu XD!"


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Ok, I'm about 10 minutes in. Usually I don't actually watch her mukbangs, I just put them on to listen to her spew whatever Amber-logicky nonsense she's putting out. This video has no replay value. I'm not even going to bother wasting my time finishing it. 0/10. To copy @StrawberryDouche: this video gets zero snouts. Negative snouts, even.

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In Mario’s voice... “a-here we gooooooooo”

amber likes mukbangs because they help her lose weight. But amber also cannot watch mukbangs because they trigger her. Mmmmkay.

Ambers invention: a weight loss channel that does mook bongs. It’s a million dollar idea, gorl, go on.

she also had to emphasize that she’s back on her meds. Amber finally “addresses” Shrimpgate. She says doesn’t think like that anymore. Could it be because she lost 10k subs and that started her last little merry-go-round cycle? With the 2lb link weights who have been lost to the void.

Amber the diet you’re thinking of is called Volumetrics. It might actually work if you actually did it. Same old shit, different day.
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Once upon a time there was a PC game called Phantasmagoria. At one point in the game there was a flashback scene of a guy killing his wife. Her name was Regina. Fat Amber's thumbnail made me have a flashback to that game and that scene, and I searched for it on Youtube and it's there in all it's ickiness. I won't link to it because it's a little off topic here and likely to get taken off YT if anyone notices how not-exactly-kid-friendly it is.

Also, she is dirty. Those knuckles, the fingernails, the hair? Ew.


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That plate of kiwi and carrots could have easily been a snack for a few hours after her burger. Does she realise she doesn't have to eat everything in 1 go.
she also could have eaten one sandwich instead of two, wtf.
For someone who finds her only joy in eating, ALR's food always looks so sad and colorless.
the process of shoveling it in with ease seems to be the highlight for her, hence her weird rice fetish