Mook-bong | Veggie Bagel Burgers | Eat with Me - 02/06/20

mental gymnastics

If it’s 10pm PST, what time is it in KY?
Hamber is becoming a full on mukbang channel. Glad to see her finally doing what she truly loves.

Also, before I forget and watch the entire shitshow, I wanted to point something out. Every time she does these mukbangs, she opens a new bottle of water. To me, that indicates that she doesn’t drink enough of it throughout the day. I mean, just because she’s eating a mill, doesn’t mean she has to open up a new water bottle. If she was drinking the amount of water she is claiming to drink, she would have some half empty bottles here and there. But of course, big bitch has to lie about the smallest things. Wouldn’t surprise me if she was only having a few sips a day. If you think about it, it’s actually hilarious. She probably only drinks when she’s stuffing her pie hole with sodium rich foods - so basically anytime she eats something and only then. But hey, she’s drinking sooooo much water, you guise!

a bootiful jung woman

Checkmate, I WHISPER
Just bite into a kiwi, fuck! It's like an apple.

I was one of the few people who believed she lost some weight because her blubbery underchins were noticeably smaller. They're starting to look a lot less small again, gorl.
Eh, I also believe she did lose some weight (of unprovable number) I also see her working super hard to gain it back and that work is paying off.

mental gymnastics

If it’s 10pm PST, what time is it in KY?
Can she stop talking about how she’s so good with portion control and how she doesn’t have that much food on her plates?
She’s acting like non of this happened:
She’s been stuffing her face with abnormal amounts of food on camera for years whist claiming that she’s losing weight and thinking that she’s the queen of moderation. Where does she see moderation in any of this?
Just shut the fuck up, Amber, and keep eating.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
She is REPULSED that her viewers arent taking her journey seriously. She ISNT eating thousands of calories off camera like she just admitted to 4 videos ago.

My heart somewhat goes out to the people in that house and D&D if that is the lip smacking symphony they have to endure. People with completely blocked noses dont even eat that way. The amount of movement her mouth makes while eating gives me chills, its like a dog with peanut butter or a 1 year old.
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-Screeching in German-
I never heard of this person before despite them having their own board, but watching this for three minutes.. Christ. Anxiety has made it so that I have to watch everything I eat less I have that -one- burger that pushes me over the edge and leaves me stroking out / having a heart attack / developing a pulmonary embolism. Seeing this whale of a person shovel down all that salty, calorie-laden food makes me wonder just how many years / months / days they have left to live. The fat's clogging up them arteries, the salt's constricting them, and the calories, well, that's just more blubber right there. It's only a matter of time until a blood clot sends her down, or she loses both feet to diabetes. And for what? Eating food on a camera like a pig?

I never understood Mukbangs. Why are they popular? If you want to socialize with your audience why not just stare at a camera for five minutes? Are you so damn fat that you have to suck down a quarter pounder with cheese or risk hypoglycemia taking you out? Folk enjoy this, and that's what worries me.

Must say, gorl knows her audience. We are in a full-blown phase three and the viewers know it. Dainty Gorl knows this and is willing to milsch JewTube for every shekel they will pay out. Would not be surprised in the LEAST if she uploads another rotisserie-syle mookbong in the next few days.