More Than 60 Killed in Fuel Tank Explosion in Tanzania while trying to loot crashed fuel truck - Who knew explosive material could explode?




it just goes on and on and on and on...
those are just made to make you feel good.take away 3cm from the real average and everybody is a winner with a monster dick.
I would be doing high paid porn if 12.9-14.7 is the real european average.
cm not in, that's 4 to 5 inches. Nobody in porn is going to be impressed with that.

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There are no innocents
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ETA: Average national IQ's in Africa range from 59 (equatorial new guinea) to ~85 in Morocco or thereabouts. At the same time, That gorilla who mastered sign language tested ~85. America is 95-100.

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By that logic that fucking gorilla was smarter than millions of niggers.

How can that make any sense?

A bit of power leveling here but I've actually worked with gorillas in the past and as smart as they are compared to other animals they are still not humans by a long run, I'm no psychologist but I doubt you can even test a gorilla with the IQ test.
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By that logic that fucking gorilla was smarter than millions of niggers.

How can that make any sense?
They educated the gorilla. Taught it sign language. Teaching people sign language almost always ups their IQ score.


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IQ spergs, holy fuck. Wise the fuck up.
It really doesn't mean much, you're right. I imagine it'd be a lot easier for someone without any contextual understanding of the culture that test was designed within & for to score considerably lower. I doubt a life in rural africa involves the same skillsets that press the right buttons on a standardized western iq test.

They're fun stats to shitpost with, tho

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