Orbiter Morgane Oger / Ronan Oger - defunded a rape crisis shelter, JY frenemy, sues ppl for misgendering, stalks meghan murphy, EX vp of new dem party that lost 3+ elections

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Swamp creature Morgan Oger (deadname Ronan Oger) is a troon politician from Canada's New Democrat Party (NDP) (update: as of november 2019 he was replaced as a NDP VP via an election). He legally changed his first name but bizarrely kept the surname Oger, inspiring too many Shrek jokes to list here. Like so many troons before him, he ruined his family in the name of pretending to be a lady, no doubt humiliating his kids permanently. He cheated on his wife and trooned out after using her credit to keep the family business running. He never paid her back and burned through 120,000$ at his ex wife's expense. There's an judgement against him for that amount. Court docs:

He lost the local election to represent his political party, so Morgane spends most of the time on twitter arguing that it is illegal to call him a man, that he is literally female, the biological mother of his children, and other absurdities. He appeared on the radar of terf twitter when he wanted to bring a woman to a human rights tribunal for holding a sign stating "trans women are men"


No one doxed the sign holder, so Morgane has moved on to threatening people for their tweets
Finally, he decided to start an entire foundation to "fight hate crimes", but given the context it's obvious that he is begging for funds to sue people who call him male, and presumably to live off of. I would bet foundation money can't be garnished and given to his ex. The website for the foundation is hilarious (archive link here), the learn more page has stats about real hate crimes that involve violence, and then says the first priority is his misgendering lawsuits:
rgane responds to just about anyone on twitter and deletes nothing. The political party he reps does not give a shit about his behavior, even after hundreds of complaints.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morgane.oger.7
twitter: https://tw.tinf.io/MorganeOgerBC
foundation twitter: https://tw.tinf.io/OgerFoundation

Update 1: October 2018 Oger lost a school board election with 8 open spots up for grabs, came in 17th. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/morgane-oger-ronan-oger.39595/page-6#post-3891263

Update 2: December 2018 The Oger v Whatcott human rights tribunal trial has been heard. The tribunal judges are supposed to decide a verdict in 2019. This is the #testcase for misgendering being a human rights abuse in Canada. Coverage of the trial can be found in this post.https://kiwifarms.net/threads/morgane-oger-ronan-oger.39595/page-8#post-4135525

Update 3: January 2019, showed up to Meghan Murphy's talk at vancouver library and sat with a group that heckled a native woman

Update 4: March 2019, Morgane Oger got the city of vancouver to revoke the funding to a rape crisis center because its female only. He decided to gloat on twitter about it. As of this update he is getting ratio'd HARD.

Update 5: March 27 2019: oger won the human rights tribunal case, discussion starts here

Update 6: this is late, but Oger decided to lecture a victim of FGM (female genital mutilation) on twitter, to tell her that she was mutilated because of "gender" not biological sex

Update 7: April 2019 Oger disowned Jonathan Yaniv and called him a predator with a blog post, but subsequently went on twitter and said terfs were the reason that Yaniv got away with his behavior for so long. Discussion starts here. ETA 6/2/19: yaniv and oger have been fighting with each other on twitter all of the month of may, and yaniv is threatening legal stuff over the blog post. Discussion starts here https://kiwifarms.net/threads/morgane-oger-ronan-oger.39595/page-38#post-4791223

Update 8: July 2 2019, Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv is gonna sue Morgane. Discussion of it in the JY thread starts here. It begins on page 38 of this thread.

Update 9: July 30 2019 Oger lost his bid to be the NDP candidate, so he has lost 3 elections so far. Jonathan Yaniv gloats about it, discussion starts here

September 2019: user @OttoWest discovered that Oger was charged with driving without a license, speeding through a school zone, and operating an improperly equipped vehicle sometime in april 2019. Posts start here. update- court date is supposed to be in march 2020

September 24 2019: Oger stalked meghan murphy as she ran errands, first post about it is here

Novemeber 25 2019: oger was not voted in as a NDP vice president this year

2020: he is still trying to deprive vancouver rape relief of funds by trying to cancel stores that are donating to VRR
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Even in Crazy World, how does anyone consider this thing a woman?

No one doxed the sign holder, so morgane has moved on to threatening people for their tweets

Fuck this obvious man who is also repulsively ugly on top of that for suing reality to try to force people to pretend he's a "woman" when that's obviously a lie.

Morgane responds to just about anyone on twitter and deletes nothing. The political party he reps does not give a shit about his behavior, even after hundreds of complaints.

Try to imagine a more ridiculously insane name for anything than the "Morgane Ogre Foundation" which is literally a troon factory for filing frivolous litigation against people who don't think grotesquely ugly obvious males are somehow "women" despite the evidence of our senses.
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Look at this Carl the Cuck looking motherfucker
white male.PNG

I fully anticipate this one becoming a full-on tranny vordrak. All the signs are there, from the vexatious litigant streak to the failure of a political career so far.

A lot of this feed has political stuff, but I capped the most interesting ones/the ones where they yell at people and seem to be mad online.
actually meghan.PNG

terfs out.PNG

mens rights.PNG

mens rights 2.PNG



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Do people like this seriously expect to be elected to any kind of position looking like that?


But this is why we generally view them as absolutely fucking insane.

View attachment 385043

It's virtually obligatory for a troon to have male pattern baldness and, for whatever reason, do absolutely nothing about it other than have an amazingly shitty hairstyle that actually emphasizes it.


You will fuck and suck a new friend tonight!
Way to make the Progressive Conservatives look like the attractive option faglord. Good going.
Once upon a time, the Anglosphere's "Left" was the party of working people and common sense and decency, rather than a politically-weaponized support-group for social misfits, rage-aholic malcontents, and troon freaks.
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