Careercow Morgane Oger / Ronan Oger - Male, Man, ex Yaniv stan, Made misgendering illegal in canuckistan 3/27/19, NDP token troon

Morgane Oger most looks like...

  • Fred Armisen in drag

    Votes: 27 12.6%
  • Austin Powers in drag

    Votes: 22 10.3%
  • A bob's burgers character IRL

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  • a man

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All Ogre would accomplish by doing that is bringing more media attention to Bernier and the PPC- which would be entertaining to watch
Frankly, I'm okay with that; I'm optimistic that Bernier isn't bullshitting about moving towards a more libertarian state, and more attention on the positions of his party would shake the trees of the other parties, ideally.


Dat bitch
Skip to 11:25 and Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson makes mention of Morgane Ogre’s “friendship” with Conservative MP, Michelle Rempell, and also briefly talks about Ogre targeting women who don’t bend at the knee.

This week Oger is flying to Vancouver Island to confront another nemesis, Jenn Smith - a self-described "male transsexual" who is giving a series of talks opposing gender indoctrination in schools. By the way, Smith also threw down a challenge to debate Oger "trano a trano" which is pretty funny, but it looks like Oger is going to gang up with a bunch of SJWs and try to shut Smith down entirely.

From Jenn Smith's Transanity blog (archive).

View attachment 740349

Oger successfully grifted $500 to go and hassle Smith in Oak Bay, Victoria on May 2. (SOGI stands for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, the new school curriculum title.)

View attachment 740341

Oger and others are trying to pull strings with the city of Oak Bay to cancel the event. Failing that they will have a gang of people outside and inside hassling everyone .

IRONY ALERT - they are doing this in the name of "Free Speech."

From Oger's fundraiser: "Furthermore, the event description indicates that no placards, signs, audio or video recording is permitted. This signals to me an effort to shut down free speech and promote a one-sided narrative." YES HE SAID THAT.

Anyhoo. If anyone's taking bets, put me down for $20 on Smith for the KO because he frothing mad and 6' 6" in heels.
Here's an interview with Jenn Smith and Freedom for All with clips of the insane protest where a tra hits a woman on the head with a cowbell and Ogre speaks word salad and lies about Canadian law. (I have downloaded this but for some reason I can't upload it here...)

Jenn Smith posted this image but no one seems to know who made it.756024


do you see what happens
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Feminists doubling down on these obvious authoritarian personalities with their intense wills to power (they almost bring to mind that term 'Toxic Masculinity') starting to remind me of delusional pitbull owners who can't see the attack as anything more than a nibble.
The Rogaine Ogre is a perfect example of a weak, cowardly male bully. He's too weak and too much of a joke to bully other men, so he bullies women instead and troonery is his ticket to be the most oppressed so he can crybully all day long.

Box of Shame
Saw this posted over on the Jonathan Yamiv thread, but don't think it was posted on this one. Gallus Mag is back exposing the bad behavior of our favorite troons, with a new website called Gendertrending (instead of Gendertrender). She basically translates into common sense all of Morgane Oger's circular, carefully worded explanations and accusations. It's long so I'll just post a link to the archive.

It's funny, though. Worth a read.

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