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Lolcow Moromillas RadecLiterally thinks that Chris makes autistics like him look bad

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by yawning sneasel, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. Moromillas is a youtuber who has a little bit of a history of getting really mad at autistic people who are more autistic than him for making him and other autistics look bad. People who have been the target of Moromillas include OPL and TJ Kirk (The Amazing Atheist).

    Here is Moromillas explaining that Chris doesn't represent ALL Autistics.


    Here Moromillas rants on how calling someone autistic when they aren't isn't a joke.

    Angry at 50 cent for calling an exceptional individual autistic

    Rants on feminism

    He doesnt like being negrated


    If you like going through Youtube comments, you'll like him


    Here is his social media

    He also has an ED but it sucks
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Reverend
    Staff Member Manager True & Honest Fan

  2. :alog:
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    hood LOLCOW

    hood LOLCOW Conflict Resolution Officer
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  3. >Moromillas Radec

    Literally sounds like an autistic name Chris would make up
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    Sperglord Dante

    Sperglord Dante Useless Guato

  4. he thinks saying someone is a person with aspergers is hate speech instead we should call them aspergians so basically the thing we do to be rude (saying spergs) is how normal people should talk so is the farms actually ahead of the curb on autistic sensitivity?
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  5. Guys I think he may have autism, should we be gentle about this?
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage The Great & Powerful
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  6. I'm sure Fiddy Cent is really scared. How much lead does that man have in him? And an angry autist is supposed to change his mind?
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    AnOminous Laughter & love would beat out fear every time.
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  7. I like that he does his videos interview style and doesn't speak directly into the camera.
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    Yaks Beware of young girls...
    True & Honest Fan

  8. He makes autistics like Chris look bad.
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    WeeGee Weegee is de wae.
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  9. He's like Stefan Molyneux on Xanax.
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    Y2K Baby

    Y2K Baby The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom???
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  10. If you have to say you're better than someone, you're probably not. Case in point.
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  11. i like how he says not to think of autism and such as disabilities but to accept their "way of thinking" when thats what led to chris in the first place as opposed to even lower functioning autistics who tried and overcame their illnesses to the point they could pick on chris
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  12. As an autist, this is bullshit. Yes, try to find a way to redirect their autistic traits in a positive, constructive direction, but by no means let it become a crutch or an excuse, which is exactly what will happen if you capitulate.
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    Verified True & Honest Fan

  13. ah thats the phrasing i was looking for thank you
  14. What an autistic faggot. We should throw pennies at him and rape his pets.
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    The Dude

    The Dude When you're down here, with us, YOU'LL SPERG TOO!
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  15. I'd bet all my good boy points that he posts in Discussion
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    Flowers For Sonichu

    Flowers For Sonichu 2nd Team all-confefence in Kick the Autistic
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  16. Can't wait until he joins the Farms.

    Viracocha Alpha "White God" Shitlord

  17. You are autistic?

    I never would have thought that until you brought it up.
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  18. My money is on "Already banned from this site for being too much of a sped in Disco"
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage The Great & Powerful
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  19. @slep
    Flowers For Sonichu

    Flowers For Sonichu 2nd Team all-confefence in Kick the Autistic
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

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