Moron repair job thread - post people fucking up repair jobs /storys of retards who sent you broken shit to repair

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I would guess your RAM upgrade calamity could have been caused by using "PC3L" instead of "PC3" RAM, PC3L is low-voltage 1.35V and PC3 is regular 1.5V.
That shouldn't make a difference, PC3L can run in a PC3 system at 1.5V, PC3 in a PC3L system won't work though it shouldn't fry anything. There is/was AMD only RAM that didn't work in Intel systems but that shouldn't fry anything either.
One thing that I can think of is a power cable getting bumped and unseated causing a short, they have enough power for that and HP systems of the small form factor or mini tower variety can be very cramped on the inside.

A bad non-repair job: the cheap no-name motherboard(probably PcChips) of my first PC shorted out one day so I took it to the place that I bought it from because it was still under warranty, they took a look at it and declared they would do nothing because the little sticker was broken and if a computer had been opened the warranty was void, it said so on the sticker. That's not legal but I didn't know that at the time and I had only opened it to insert a graphics card, months before it died, that was it.
That's when I decided to build a PC for the first time which meant that the individual parts are under their own separate warranty, for personal use system retailers can go fuck themselves.

Rossman videos are great. Watching him go through NYC real estate complex to move his store was educational. It's fascinating to see someone dealing with agents, goverments and shoddy contractors to just make a living.
Holy shit you werent kidding. :story:

Short version, Karen the broker show him a space. The space is smaller then advertised and priced above market value. She dead serious tells him "You arent gonna get anything better then that".
How are these people allowed to do buisness? They are scammers both the broker and the seller.

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It was raining yesterday and the roof/wall joint in my combloc garage has a leak, the water was dripping right onto my workbench. My moron repair was to make a plastic gutter for the water drops to roll down to the side instead. Yes I did just duct tape it to the wall.
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Don't feel bad, is normal. The flush button on my toilet recently broke some part of the interior plastic levers or whatever it is in there, I only found broken pieces of it, so now the mechanism inside of the cistern is a shoddily crafted Rube Goldberg contraption.

Once had a lady at work tell me she couldnt figure out what was wrong with her machine. Told her I'd take a look at it at my nominal $35 fee.

Get the machine, it unmistakably smells like a Marlboro factory. Take the computer apart, it is ORANGE. Thick layer of tobacco tar coated fucking the entire inside of the machine, and the smell was nauseating. Lady was a chain smoker and smoked multiple packs a day sitting in front of her computer playing second life (this was only a few years ago, and yes she was very fat). Saw telltale discoloration on the GPU bracket. Tried to furn the fan, no only would the GPU fan not budge, but no fans in the system would either.

Told here this thing needed to be nuked from orbit, and to knock off the smoking in front of her computer (and smoking in general). She said she couldn't afford a new machine. Here's the moron part: I said id clean her old one, but it was gonna cost her $250 before the cost of parts to clean this sludge out. Of course she said yes.......I'm a dumbass.

So I spent the next 2 days cleaning this fucker. 24 hour bath of a water/bleach mix softened the tobacco tar tot he point it could be peeled off (ewww) and re-whitened the case. Took the whole kit and caboodle apart and cleaned EVERYTHING. Then charged her another $200 for new fans and a new (to her) GPU.

Not worth it. Should have outright refused to work on the damn thing. I learned my lesson though, because she tried to bring me this thing again for the same problem last year, and I told her she was SOL since she couldnt stop smoking, she was just going to kill it again.

I would guess your RAM upgrade calamity could have been caused by using "PC3L" instead of "PC3" RAM, PC3L is low-voltage 1.35V and PC3 is regular 1.5V.

HP and DELL provide service manuals for their PC products and they can be downloaded for free, great when upgrading or changing BIOS settings.
Gonna stop you right there. Putting DDR3L memory into a DDR3 socket will NOT, i repeat, will NOT cause it to go up in smoke. ABSOLUTELY NOT. DDR3L memory can still run at 1.5V if the system refuses to use 1.35V. It's built into the JDEC spec for DRAM. All DRAM must confirm to certian specifications, and running at nominal voltage is one of them.

EDIT: Smaug beat me to it. Loose power cable might be more likely, even then I've never seen a machine short out that badly from a loose connector. Only time I've ever seen magic smoke is when the power supply takes a gorilla sized dump.
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