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I thought we were done with movies based on vidya, because they universally suck?

Ah, who am I kidding. All pop culture in Current Year is basically required by law to be shit.

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About the only thing with potential to suck is the "Donut Steal/Literal Who" Protagonist when you already have Kung Lao, Liu Kang, freaking Raiden and Scorpion. If he doesn't get killed "Round 1" so the rest of the film can focus on characters people that are fans of the franchise will actually care about, it'll only bring the film down.

As for why Kano is on team Earth, you guys forget he's a selfish jerk; he obviously hasn't had a better offer from the bad guys yet, and is probably being coerced into helping out (I.E. Good luck running drugs/arms/contraband when there isn't a planet to live in, you dick.)

Scorpion and Sub-Zero are obviously the main marketing draws, and it seems they will be given a bit more development than the rest (again, judging from the trailer and poster).

You guys need to chill the fuck out, smells like a lot of bitch ITT.

It was surprisingly better than I thought, and it seems to have better references for the game than past iterations. Still looks cheap, or is it how every modern hollywood film looks?

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Hopefully Donut Steel is just an audience surrogate for the 3 people who know nothing about Mortal Kombat.

Music's shite bring back the heart pumping beats.

Kano is obviously going to do a face heel turn, non-robot Smoke(YAY!) and where's Kitana they showed Mileena (actually thought it was Jade at first)?


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I thought we were done with movies based on vidya, because they universally suck?
Sonic was the first video game movie that's a proper box office hit and the audiences seem to like it.
We're getting a lot of them in the future.

I like that they finally got Kung Lao for the movie but he's clearly a side character and they might kill him off because everyone else on the team is more popular.
As for Cole... I think that's Johny Cage, they just changed him from Jean Claude van Damme to an MMA fighter because that's more modern since there aren't really any martial artist lead actors in Hollywood anymore.
His nickname will be Johny Cage or somebody will call him that once (probably will have something to do with him doing cage fighting).
Wouldn't make sense to not have Cage in the movie and there's no Johny Cage listed on IMDB so this makes the most sense.
He even has bandages wrapped around his hands in 1 scene like Cage does in a lot of the games.