Most autistic thing you've purchased lately - c'mon feel the cringe


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This thread is for posting the most autistic purchase you've made in recent history. I'll start because why the hell not

I somewhat recently purchased a VPC MongoosT-50 Flightstick from VirPil that took 6 months to get here, because whenever I buy anything from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary or Poland thats how long it always takes to clear customs.

It was worth the $450 I spent after shipping and taxes, it is by far the best piece of home flight sim equipment I have ever owned. The tactile feedback is exactly what I like, where it gets stiffer as you get to the edge of the limits. Perfectly milled parts means the cams have no unnatural "bumps" that throw off control and the sensors are on par with the ones a lot of modern fly-by-wire aircraft have. I've particularly enjoyed it in DCS and ARMA 3 as it lets you really have precision control of your aircraft/chopper in a way I haven't had with high end sticks from CH, Logitech and Thrustmaster.


Also pictured, my bitchin helmet stand.

So c'mon and share your autism with the class
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ES 148

Molle is so fucking useful. I wish I had stolen some for myself on my way out because its just great for camping and hiking
The only MOLLE stuff was a belt and a bunch of pouches, I also got a harness for the belt and a massive rucksack. I can strap my tent to the belt tho so it's super easy on my shoulders compared to last time

UW 411

This cute, based, loaded lil raspberry pi hiding inside a tiny nes console casing. The buttons work and it's USB compatible with pretty much any controller. It's neat.


Source of my avi.

It's pretty loaded with all the retro games from a broad range of platforms and old consoles/arcade games that I wanted to piss about with again. Wouldn't have paid the advertised price - would have attempted to make my own but had a discount and felt lazy.

It's also got a bunch a bunch of unreleased games, foreign releases, unofficial releases, games prototypes and funny ROM hacks - the best of which easily being 'Abnormal Family - Butt Babies and Tranny Tramps'; a hack for the Sega Genesis.

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