Most autistic thing you've purchased lately - c'mon feel the cringe

Lucifer's Rectum

Rapidly deteriorating mental state
Since I'm too stupid to properly measure my finger, I just bought a ring sizer. I only need it for like one finger but I figure it's a nice thing to have for the future.
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Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
Eight 24-cases of diet coke. They were on sale, and I went back to the store many times and cleaned them out because the price from the sale was like 33-34 cents a can. I don't drink that much during the day, but I'm stocked up for a couple of months to save on future bills.
And I'm not even a passover worshiper.


Jade Harley is best
My Homestuck and Hiveswap shirts. They fit really well, feel comfortable, and look excellent.

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