Most autistic thing you've purchased lately - c'mon feel the cringe

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

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Bought a bottle of UV Sriracha Vodka because it was down to 8 bucks and I really just have to see what the fuck they were thinking (and if it's any good). Worst case scenario? I drink Bloody Marys for dinner for a bit.
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Kurosaki Ichigo

I've been eyeing that and the Fallout one on Amazon, are they worth the price or are they just everyday recipes with video game names?
A couple of them like the sides are pretty simple (for the elder scrolls one at least) but a lot of the recipes I’m eyeing to make for the holidays. The ingredient list on a few are purposely short to encourage experimentation. The opening section alone is just for seasoning mixes to use on assorted recipes in the book.

@Opposite Time Nomad has the fallout one and used it to make a full meal so they’re better suited to answering that for you.

Opposite Time Nomad

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I've been eyeing that and the Fallout one on Amazon, are they worth the price or are they just everyday recipes with video game names?
The Fallout one has a lot of full meal type things along with appetizers and desserts. It even has drink mixtures! So its fun to use if you're plotting a full course meal. The book will even suggest what appetizers better suit main course meals and drinks. Of course, a lot of the food is based off of foods in the game along with 2 recipes hidden in Fallout 1 and 2's instruction manual. I hope that helps!
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Feline Supremacist

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I bought a bunch of things (V-belt, edge/seam and zipper attachments) for an ancient sewing machine I will rarely use. That said the Singer built in 1956 will probably outlive me while I can't say the same for the plastic Singer my parents gave me.
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Jersey Devil

428 Shibuya Scramble is a weird Spike Chunsoft live-action visual novel that came out like 10 years ago in Japan. It was really cheap on Steam, but I doubt a lot of people grabbed it because the only people who care about shit like this are autistic weeb trash.

That being said, it's a really good game.


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Tamagotchis are awesome. There's no denying that. It's the community of western fans that make me cringe. I need to find a few examples.
Reminded I received one for Xmas one year in a package I never opened so it's stuck somewhere in storage, unused in my house.

An Ghost

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Elder scrolls cookbook. I’d be willing to post recipes from it if y’all wanna try em out
Couldn’t think of a worse universe to make a recipe book from, except fallout where people eat irradiated trash. When I think food from scrolls games the only things that come to mind are bug eggs, drugs, alcohol, cabbages, aquatic but eggs, and sweet rolls.
Really disappointed there isn’t a scrib jelly recipe that is just jam and horse tranquilizer.
Catherine full body, got a odd look when i got it.
I got the steel book because it was pink. The older guy working the counter did recognize it and gave me a creepy positive look.
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Francis York Morgan

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Pokeball waffle iron

Bought it about a week ago and I love it more than other waffle irons I've used. It actually gets the waffle at just the right amount of crispiness that I like.
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RTL-SDR dongle for the computer. I have been listening to US EAM messages all day, and Chinaman air force pilots yelling at each other.
I have one, but I can't really pick up anything up, as I can't have an outdoor antenna (I live in an apartment). Any suggestions?

The Carbon 2185 Core book, I kickstarted it, and they just now got around to shipping the hardcopies.
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Midlife Sperglord

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A used copy of the ADV DVD of the Battle Angel Alita anime. Amazing how it is a lot less impressive now than it was when I was in high school well over 20 years ago.
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