Most autistic thing you've purchased lately - c'mon feel the cringe

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Fuck it I got lost of what I bought so may as well start and show the rest when/if it ever arrives. Let's start small with a few dvds (and one Blu Ray)
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nd slowly work our way up the tism ladder now: a red Ninja mask, a pair of ski goggles and a Batman beyond hat (was supposed to be red hood aka jason Todd's emblem but close enough)
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Now to really kick the autistic up to 11 a white wig from devil may cry 5, and I guess you can add the skull bandana and skeleton gloves for a low budget shädbase lookView attachment 1580801

And here's the kicker...a double breasted vest I found looking under steampunk vest, a red and black reversible cape listed under dracula cape, and as a bonus size 13 red sneakers even though Im nowhere near a size 13View attachment 1580805View attachment 1580807

Addendum forgot to mention this Castlevania t shirt officially licensed by Netflix and Konami
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lol fat


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Update new shirt arrived


Yes that is based on the banned cover of batgirl 41 that made soyboy mark waidb block somebody on twitter over. Just because they used the cover as an avatar pic.


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Ordered another loona shirt andthey screwed up the custom text again xp

It's not as bad as last time where sit on a dick became in a dick but still it makes loona sound like she's speaking engrish.

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I bought a cheap pair of shoes from Walmart. Two weeks later and they are already falling apart.

I've been buying $100 shoes from places like Kohls and I wear them out within 6 months. I decided to try and save money buying cheaper shoes. The first $20 from Walmart and they lasted 6 months. I wish I knew where to get shoes that last.

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A packet of 108kt of hydrophane opals from Welo, Ethiopia.

I've never cut or polished opals in my life, but Covid imprisonment leads to wierd obsessions.

If any of the stones come out looking half decent when i'm through butchering them, i'll link them. Then I'll get me some decent quality Australian black opal and see if I can actually make money this way.


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The Sign O The Time Super Deluxe Boxset. The vinyl version. 13 vinyl discs. 26 sides. The album remastered. Two discs of mixes. 6 discs of outtakes and unreleased shit. 3 discs to a live show. 1 DVD with a live show. A 120 page hardbacked book with photos and essays. The CD version is 8 discs.

The autistic part is that I'm probably only going to use it once or twice ever. I've been digging the set digitally though. Also there's shit missing from the set that should have been there. Like there could have been another CD / 2lps of material that were left out. Some of it I get but others I don't know why.

Its as heavy as my Twin Peaks Japanese Laserdisc Boxset. Though that has two additionals discs, a smaller paperback book, and a 7" disc of some shit.
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