Most autistic thing you've purchased lately - c'mon feel the cringe

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I bought some blackout curtains on Amazon and I can't reccomend them enough. Excellent for napping or sleeping in.

Edit: I can't believe I talked about literal window dressing and failed to mention my new t-shirt!

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Haven't purchased it yet but my Amazon list includes another new loona shirt, a skeleton balaclava, skeleton gloves, ski goggles, a crossbow pistol, a punisher themed ninja machete with two throwing knives, and a riot helmet with removable face shield

Was gonna add some body type armor like motorcycle armor or hockey pads but it's already over 200 dollars plus idk if gonna check out with it this week or the following week

edit all items pictured for posperity will update later this week if i buy everything

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Been getting back into making music. going the DAWless route (no pc). I took the plunge and bought this guy last night. $1000 but does a shit load. two synths, drum machine, sampler, sequencer, grid launcher, on-board effects, control external midi devices, portable, replaceable battery, built-in mic. You can hook up usb midi controllers through the usb port. Runs everything off an sd card. Can use samples as oscillators. Ships from NZ. Which I was suprised isn't a hermit country atm. its probably the best all in one device (groovebox) on them market today.

Made by a small company. This is their only product. tons of updates and support. Seems like its gonna last forever since the company isn't shy about what parts you can replace (ie the battery). Seriously, I had an issue with my order and someone responded back to me in like 15 minutes. And it was like 6pm NZ. Very nice first impression.

I also bought a Digitone a few weeks ago. Its really good too. Not portable, but its an fm synth with 4 parts running at a time. Has drums and effects on board too.
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Think this is the last figure, since I've already filled up the display cabinet with this one and want to keep the one figure per shelf-aesthetic. Not even done with the manga, but he fucking raped the other dude into full Stockholm syndrome. As long as it trigger SJW's, the details doesn't really matter :story:

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A little while ago, but I bought a living dead doll. She’s part of my 40 something collection of them, got her for £65 when her normal selling price is £120 ish, still sealed as well. I’m a huge nerd for these dolls and I’ve spent too much on them.