Most autistic thing you've purchased lately - c'mon feel the cringe

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made my second trip to a hot topic at the mills jersey gardens mall in elizabeth nj (i can never find one that uses two floors like the one in the Charlottesville shopping center aka Chris chan's old haunt) picked up a sword charm to add to my key lanyard, some new shades, a new misfits tee shirt, drank my first can of My hero academia energy drink (it tastes like dollar store RiP it energy drink) and a skull themed face mask.

Then went downstairs to the h & m, NGL they had a good deal on converse style lowtop sneakers and a pair of grey sweats that really completed my hot topic gear. Wanted a new zip up or a hat to top it all off but eh new shoes was good enough.

oh also picked up a new NES themed backback from gamestop. Was a fun trip to the mall felt like being back in the 80s/90s just with everyone wearing face masks. Shame shopping malls are going the ways of drive in movies.




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my first bong and some thc 8 from a smoke shop today...yes i know thc delta 8 isn't the same as genuine 9 but its what NJ is selling until the bureau of canabis regulates the sale and taxation of the real stuff in dispensaries.

much like how you'd need to drink a case and a half of near beer to get drunk you need to hit the bong more and more to get as stoned off thc 8 as you would the real stuff.


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Wife was getting upset at all my old IBVs and PCs taking up space in the garage


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This Versace bolster pillow from the 90's, the design is legit. Medusa looked weird in the earlier designs, and there's old ads featuring it. Emailed Versace customer service, and of course. They can’t confirm its authenticity, because they haven't archived all their designs. Which they did confirm.

Apart from this being about 500 usd, the seller can't really pinpoint it's authenticity. Aside from a tag on the inside, and can't explain why a modern tag was fastened to the zip of the pillow. Official pillows in general have the tag fastened to the zip too, but they don't sell bolster pillows anymore, otherwise I would buy directly from the official website.
Pic is from listing and there's no fabric "waves" irl.
Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 15.12.05.png

Pillow looks and feels authentic, but I may never know what it actually is *sigh*
Hoping it's real though, because there aren't many listing out for these pillows. The fact it wouldn't really be profitable either, because it's too expensive and Versace in general is tacky for most.
Mostly the price point that's autistic.


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a one hand keyboard with rgb lights, gamer stuff with blinky led lights is pretty gay but its very useful for me, not for gaming but for my digital art shortcuts and the lights are good since i like to work at night in my dark room. The way my desk is set up i can't put the keyboard next to the tablet because of the space so i have to draw and use hotkeys in an akward pose with the keyboard higher than the panel the tablet is in and its been so long that this minor thing pisses me off a lot.


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i forgot to mention that i also bought the Dollars trilogy (a fist full, a few dollars more, and the ecstacy of gold) in addition to everything else and now you can add tombstone, the hateful eight waterworld, freddy vs jason, and Gone with the wind to the list. Yes a bunch of westerns considered classics, the controversal 1939 oscar winning film that got pulled from hbo max due to the george floyd riots then became the top selling film on amazon afterwards...and the kevin costner mad max on the ocean film and the david s goyer mashup of the two biggest slasher villians of all time. One Two of these things are not like the other.