Most autistic things you own -


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In 2013, I really got into retro gaming. Didn't just use emulators, but actually bought old hardware and everything. Can't determine the singular most autistic thing of the bunch, so here's a list:
  • All the "good" versions of consoles, like the non-TMSS Genesis, SCPH-1001 PS1, AV Famicom with self-modded NES RGB, etc.
  • Physical copies of relatively rare games like Earthbound, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Mega Man 1, etc.
  • 13.5" PVM I used to keep in my room (nowadays I just use an OSSC)
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True & Honest Fan
  • Maps from different time periods that I got from the Renaissance Fair (someone there does nap recreations)
  • A first edition book called A Short History of the Confederacy by Jefferson Davis
  • Newspapers from the early 1900s (I got these at a university book sale and the newspapers were relatively cheap)
  • A book about medieval manuscripts
  • A bunch of capes because I like the aesthetic
  • A Zuni made brooch/pendant of a hummingbird
  • Pendant made from real flowers (Rose was dried and then covered in a resin)
  • Pendant of carved amber with a wolf carving (it was handmade using dental tools)

Lots of drones and weird electronics stuff like arduinos and dev boards and SDR's and sensors and LEDs and camera sensors and laser diodes. I'd like to mash it all together and build a mechatronic flying thing that used AI to learn how control itself in flight so it didn't crash, then learn various maneuvers like how to hover and avoid obstacles and people, then how to aim and fire lasers at people it considers a threat via genetic algorithms that simulated millions of interactions with entities that wanted to swat at it or shoot it down and score it better when it avoids them, until it's evolved to be literally as responsive and adaptive as something biological would be. Like run it in simulations that provide just camera feeds and IMU sensors until I can transfer it to full hardware.