Most autistic things you own -

An 8bitdo controller. In Famicom colors. Have quite an admiration for the Famicom's color scheme. I'd cover every console in gold and red if I could. Same goes for my computer. Such a beautiful combination of colors.

Also have a few stock Intel heatsinks. Nothing vintage, just stuff from the mid and late 2010's. Don't use them because they suck. Hate throwing out perfectly good hardware.

I just realized that I got a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2, I know for a fuck fact that shit's added to the autism bin. I got a sonic game around the house somewhere too, it's a tennis game too.

Vlinny Chan

This Halloween, I'm going as a massive faggot.
Let's see...

A few cosplay outfits with appropriate wigs and everything, a doctor who collection set that came with a wand (I forgot what it's called), about 50 bags of perler beads of assorted colors, all of the books in the second warriors series that I owned since I was 10 and a few more, knitting and crochet needles of various shapes and sizes with yarn, a huge ass jaguar plush, a boxed up model of the titanic that I won't build until I get the paints for it, a barely touched bottle of wild turkey that taste like shit but I don't know what to do with, an incense holder, a few books on current american politics (one by Rush Limbaugh), a Bob Ross energy drink can I got from FYE that I have displayed on my shelf, a dozen empty puzzle boxes, kiwifarms merch, one or two graphic tees from hot topic that I still own, and a creeper beanie.

You decide.

To be completely honest, my stuffed animal collection. I see one cute thing on eBay and I have to buy it. Next thing I know, I have two full shelves in my bedroom.
Post pics please.
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drilldo attachment one of my friends thought it'd be a cool idea to buy as a birthday gift.
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