Most autistic things you own -


Definitely not poisonous.
A box large enough to comfortably fit a sitting adult human, full of shiny and sparkly shit. Keychain decorations, Christmas decorations, incredibly fake jewelry, broken/discarded real jewelry, glass/crystal/whatever-the-fuck doorknobs, borax crystals, fake flowers with glitter on them, glittery wrapping paper, glitter...

Shut up. I don't have a hoarding problem; I'm a trash dragon.

Seriously, though, I need some shelves, but a lifetime of being a poorfag makes me cringe at the price of furniture that isn't made of cardboard. Thinking about getting a bunch of those non-damaging hooks and such to hang things on the walls. I actually have space to decorate now! Holy shit!


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I hoard toys I find neat (have a lot of chinashit as a result) , so I am at loss of what to declare the MOST autistic, but, if anything, it's a column of assorted soft drink cans, which I started gathering to use as elevation points for said toys, but eventually just left be any nice-looking ones, so now it's occupying the space between two cabinets, looking dumb and shiny.

K. V. Bones

Every borderlands, gifted copies of sjw trash from friends as a gag gift, 4 copies of far cry 3, and finally the most autistic of all Bad Rats.
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I spent 500 dollars on body armor, and am making my own ballistic helmet with a heads up display. I am exercising daily. With luck I will get into DIY gene therapy.

My face when I am turning myself into a halo SPARTAN II


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A starry-eyed Cinnamoroll plush a friend got me for my birthday. Turns out it was only available in Japanese claw machines for a very limited time, and as such fetches $50-70+ on the secondhand market, so if I ever need some cash then I can always sell that.
I can see why it's so coveted though, it's quite pretty!


I have a small collection of plushies, which are arguably autistic in and of themselves, but this one is my personal favorite.


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  • I have quite a few art tutorial books (and a complete collection of every how to book Marcos Mateu-Mestre has made so far)
  • Around 3 big binders worth miscellaneous comics ranging from 80s duck tales comics to a pretty obscure DC comics series with some sort of not-Conan the barbarian.
  • I got a hand full of pins/acrylic charms/ key Ive amassed over the years.


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I found a box full of old mangas and fanzines from the late 90s and early 2000 that I collected. Also, the piece of resistance: my own super edgy bootleg copy of The End of Evangelion, complete with its original bloodstained sleeve.