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My growing Urusei Yatsura collection (which extends into other favorite manga and anime):
  • The entire Japanese and English (translated so far) manga volumes, the former of which I won from Yahoo! Japan Auctions
  • Beautiful Dreamer on DVD
  • Three scale figures (secondhand but in good condition), a Nendoroid, and two Q*Poskets (one of which is currently stuck in SAL hell- thanks, Corona-chan)
  • A small plush
  • Several keychains, stickers, and tin badges
  • A mug
  • Three T-shirts, usually just for lounging
  • A 40th anniversary fanzine I also got from YAJ
I've also been buying vintage 80s and 90s Barbies from eBay because they're colorful and I love her starry eyes; nowadays the lines are low quality and totally uninspired.


Fuck off :)
A CD rom with a bunch of internet junk from the early 2000s. 80% of the files are stupid flash cartoons and games from that era.
Can you please make a copy and upload it somewhere? I looove that stuff. I never was online before 2008, and so, missed the entire era.
Sure, I will make an ISO file tomorrow.
Here you go, as I promised:

You can also pick a winrar version:
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I have a massive collection of swords, knives and other melee weaponry, though most of it is inherited. Also I may or may not own a bunch of less-than-legal automatic rifles that I inherited from my dad which he took home after the war. WHOA I DON'T KNOW ANY OF YOU GUYS PRANK POSTER PRANK POSTER, ALL THE POSTS MADE BY THIS IP AND ACCOUNT ARE SATIRE!